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Content Strategy for website copywriting is must!

Research content for website before you publish

Strategy for content writing is a skill to be learned. To dive deep into the topic, first of all, you need to understand the  definition of content. Let me tell you in plain way. “It is the strategic creation of text, imagery, video or audio, which delivers a relevant and interesting message to the audience”.

It is the human desire that everybody wants to share his experiences and information he owns, to others. But the problem is, as how to convert it into that message, in fact, this converted message is content. While content for website is different than content for printing. This definition describes best, the goals of content writing.

How content Works

When crafting the strategy for content writing, text, or arts, in addition you need some medium to express on.  It may be Internet, television, Books, Magazines, Conferences Stage displays, CD’s and website or any other.

As, your medium is going to be website to Build “Money making website” so we will focus around it.

This is my content for website through which, I am going to influence, you to create your own content and publish it on your website. Your content will benefit your audience while sharing your experiences and information.  If you succeed and start generating your income, I will be the happiest person to see you flourishing and consider it as my success. So, we will discuss it under the following headings:-

  • Strategy of writing a content 
  • Content Format
Useful Content for Website Grows Business

Useful Content for website Grows Business

  1. Writing website content

At the moment we will just consider the audience rather than for the prospects and lead generation. In any way, later we will learn “How to convert the audience into prospects or for lead generation”. Here we will learn “How to craft strategy for content writing that is valuable  and  moves the audience in some way”.

Considerations for writing a content

We will discuss it under following headings:-

  • Attention
  • Write like stories
  • Create spark in the eyes of reader
  • Quality and usefulness of content
  • Be student of every thing


Just remember, that you are not entitled to any body’s attention. You may be thinking that you are doing a marvelous service and audiences are going to attend to you…… No sir. As a content writer you should be aware that in a corporate culture there is an attitude of entitlement for attention for the obvious reasons, because of having big budgets. Keep this thing in your mind that you are not entitled to any body’s attention rather you have to earn it every day. Even there may be many boring topics but you make it interesting by writing a relevant content for your website and to get noticed, to attract attention of the audience.

Write like Stories

Write the content for website, in the form of stories even if it is on some boring topic.  People like to hear stories. So, it is you, to make your content consumable.  We can call it worth consuming if people are reading it.

Create Spark in the Eyes of Reader

Put a spark in your content with your passion, furthermore make it visible in the writing. You must understand, why you are writing about and why this matters to the audiences. Make yourself as a part of the story, as the audiences are in front of you and talking face to face. Make it a play…..

Quality and Usefulness of Content

Be mindful of click baits, which I mean no manipulation of keywords to attract search engines to your website for higher rating. It might give you the advantage in the beginning, but later on, it will distract your audience. Use of keywords is also important but it should be organic and original. You may learn the technique to use keywords.  Never focus on the content just to fool search engines to attract more traffic. Let me tell you it is a bad content. And the search engines will get you one day, they are smarter than us.

Be Student of Every Thing

Read a lot, moreover, be the lifelong student of every topic. It may be technical, science, Art, Dance, Book writing, Pop music or anything to craft effective content for website.

Take Away is:

“Your writing skill and compelling stories with the exciting topic, will move your audiences to pay desired attention to your content. But your content must have the spark coupled with clever play on words.”

Format of the content

Structure the content in some format, so that audience can perceive and understand the idea, that you are presenting. Consider the following elements for writing the content for website:-


First Paragraph

Useful information

Single focus Point

Use proven writing Technique


A well thought headline captures the attention in friction of a second. Place the big offer/benefit right at the top. As, visitor coming to your website will decide in 1st 8 seconds whether to stay on your website or article, or hit the back button.

Therefore, your compelling promise in the headline is going to make the impression in the mind of prospective reader. Let me tell you that writing great headline is an excellent skill which you have to master over a period of time. After reading the headline, reader should be so influenced that he must read the first line of the paragraph, and then next line should be so well written that he goes on reading.

First Paragraph

Create the first few sentences so engaging that you pull the audience in. Give the information which the audience want to listen. As, some problem they are facing, and they are in search of solution, or they have some desire. Which your content will address, or you are giving the solution or some fascinating facts.

Usefull Information 

Fill the body with the useful information that may benefit the readers or may solve some of their problem.

Single Focus Point

Focus to the single idea and promise you have made in the headline. Stick to it, so that the reader must move to the next. Diverting from single point will confuse and distracts the reader.

Use Proven writing Techniques

This is the proven fact that use of powerful words, concrete facts, and specific detail, stories and example to substantiate the fact and so on, will move audience. Make it interesting and write it like a play.

Call to Action

This step will be required when you are writing content for marketing or business website. Spell out at this stage as what the audience has to do next. Specially, it is required when writing sale letter or copy writing. As, function of the content marketing is to attract the prospect for the purchase, anyway, It is not our aim at the moment. At the moment we want the loyal audience who trust you and your expertise. So forth so good, I hope you are with me….

“Therefore, Effective content should have compelling headline, starting with the engaging first paragraph, having useful information for the benefit of audience while focusing on a single idea point”.

Writing Website Content

Writing content on the web is not like writing a novel, it is different. Here your talent, abilities and your individual voice is put to practice right on the table.  For that, first of all, build your own website to display yourself as a professional and build your own Professional Brand.  Consequently, at some stage of time, you will do content marketing of your brand.

To Start with,

  • Get your own Domain in your name.
  • It must be owned by you and controlled by you. You will have no worry of uploading the       content.
  • Try to use your own name as a website name, it will rank better in SEO and as                         professional, it is good to have your own name.
  • Build your portfolio; here put your personality and your writing. Put your philosophy of         content and writing. Present your personality as interesting and professional.
  • Do not use advertising on your page. It slows down and you may have to lose some               control on the site.
  • Have very good website security, If your web is hacked, It gives unprofessional attitude.       Investment in website security is never losing.
  • Get the site monitored from the hackers.

“Give people the sense of Kindredness and how good it is working with you”.

Now you have website, you are not advertising on it, it is optimized with your own name and you had developed your impressive portfolio. You have an online presence; with beneficial and useful content on the website, different from the crowd. then what next……… Just Learn and start.

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It is your write up to express, Who you are as a professional and how you’re writing,  will start marketing yourself as a content writing professional.

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