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Powerful Motivators in Direct Marketing Copy

As a marketer, you need to market the products and services by using various methods and techniques. One thing you have to keep in mind that no sales copy Powerful Motivators in direct Marketingwill sell without, the powerful motivators in direct marketing copy. Whatever the method or technique you use to craft sales copy, you have to follow these three fundamental Laws of Mark Morgan Ford.

  • People don’t like the idea of being sold.
  • People buy things for emotional, not rational, reasons.
  • Once sold, people need to satisfy their emotional decision with logic.

Mark Morgan Ford

The Motivators

  • Features and Benefits
  • Emotions
  • Pride, Vanity, Lust, and Envy
  • Greed, The desire to be richer, more successful, more secure, more independent.
  • The fear of losing something, independence, money, friends, happiness.

“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer, so well, the product or service fits him and sells itself”.

Peter Drucker

Apparently, it seems as people buy things for a very simple and obvious reason, as they need it. Probably, they buy food for sustenance, they buy a car for transportation. Let me tell you that it is not that way. Infact, people make purchases to satisfy the deeper desires in their life than obvious reasons.

Many of our decisions, what to buy, how to act, and what to do are first stimulated in the emotional part of the brain called the limbic brain.

So, when writing a sales copy, it is of utmost importance that first of all, it appeals to the emotional part of the brain. To achieve this, make use of POWERFUL WORDS.

Effect of Motivators in Direct Selling copy

Emotional Story (Copied)

Dear Friends,

I am writing to you from our shelter tonight. From the corner, I can see James, just 16, sleeping on the fresh cot we set up in the chapel. The Covenant house is full. Every bed is taken. I don’t always know how we make room for all these kids. But by the grace of God, tonight we found a way again.

James came to us tonight, exhausted, his eyelids barely able to stay open. He’d been trying to sleep near the restaurant dumpster, in the bus station, on the park benches. He’d rested his head on tables in the 24 hours donuts shop, under the florescent lights, desperate for a safe, quiet place to sleep.

We set up the cot put on fresh linen and gave him a new blanket. He was asleep before his head hit the pillow.

James is safe because of people like you who care about kids. He won’t succumb to the dangers of the streets. He’ll rest and tomorrow he’ll wake up to a warm breakfast. He’ll see our doctor, get a fresh set of clothes from our donations room and we’ll talk more.

And he may even want to discuss the dark burden he shared with me earlier night.

He hates himself.

Years of scorn and abuse have filled him with such powerful self-doubt.

Before bed, he stared blankly at the wall, steeling himself for the next sentence. My mother said, “ she wishes she’d had an abortion.” He averted his eyes, but I could see him flinch.

“That’s hard to hear, you know?” He said.

You’re a good kid James. You’re very special.

How to make the promise: (Copied)

Dear Dieter,

I have got some exciting news for you. You can eat all the peanuts you want and you are going to lose 10-20 pounds in a month. In a little while, you will weigh less than you have since you were a youngster.

You won’t have to count calories and you won’t have to deprive yourself of your favorite food. It is easier than paddling downstream. Your life is about to get better beyond anything you have ever imagined.

But, wait- I have to tell you something honestly. There is a down side. You’re going to have to buy all new clothes to fit in your new skinny body.

But, I don’t think you will mind one bit…….


Note:  Although you have told your prospect that he is going to get better, still you don’t have to mention the sale price of the product.

Now let’s create a compelling picture in the mind of your prospect as to feel, he is reaping the benefits of the product.

How to Create Picture: (Copied)

You’re going to have more energy than you’ve ever had in your life.

You’re going to be slim, attractive and you will have the best sex you have ever had in your life.

Just picture yourself out on the town for a night- to celebrate your new image. There’s a new spring in your steps and a lively gleam in your eyes. People stop to stare as you saunter by …….admiring your powerful, lean body ….. you exude the essence of animal magnetism…..

In fact, you are going to feel so good even your work will prosper. Don’t be surprised to see your income double in the next few months! (Imagined buying that Lexus you always dreamed about) Can you see yourself driving down the road with the top down munching on the peanuts?

Note:  See how nicely you have portrayed the compelling picture to reap the promise you made.

But, to satisfy the prospect you have to give proof that whatever you say is true. This is the place where you give facts and figures to support your promise. This place will answer the entire “How” and “whys” and remind the prospect of the promise you made in the beginning.

Let’s continue with the letter to substantiate the promise with the Proof.


Here are few amazing facts you may not know….

  • Peanut has only 0.10 calories. That’s right…. Just one- tenth of a calorie…

That means you can eat 12,000 peanuts a day and still getting only 1200 calories a day….few enough to let lose 8 pounds a week.

  • Peanuts contain micro nutrients A, B, and C. And a little known study from Harvard Medical School have recently proven that these are the three most important nutrients for the human body.
  • Peanuts also contain glandular extracts that stimulate testosterone production, which has been proven to improve sexual performance in both men and women.
  • And, according to the Dermatologist Association of America, peanut is the single best source of moisture for the skin. In fact, when my aunt Rosie went on this diet, it made her crow’s feet disappear and she looked 25 years younger.

You made the promise, created the nice picture and presented enough proofs, what else;


Use reliable and believable sources to substantiate your revelations.

Now, when I first saw how quickly I was losing my weight, I became concerned. Could this be good for me?

So I asked my doctor, Dr.Goodbones, Who’s been a successful medical practitioner for 50 years.

“Doc,” I said” This peanut diet seems too good to be true. Look at me I lost 40 pounds since I was last here and I feel great”….. He smiled at me,

Do you realize “He said” That peanut diet is really one of the oldest diets known? Although, it was discovered in ancient Egypt long time ago, but they kept it secret just for the nobility.

“ No less than a hundred societies have used it, and it worked so well, they all kept it secret for the elite ruling classes, it was only recently discovered, in an ancient buried manuscript, and Harvard Medical School has been doing a study on it”.

That was good to know, but I wanted to be sure, so I contacted Harvard Medical School for myself. Here’s the copy they wrote back to me.


Harvard Medical School

From the desk of:

Dean Plato, MD, Ph.D., DDS

Dear Mr. Smith,

You’re absolutely right about the peanut diet. It’s probably the single greatest weight loss and overall healthy diet ever known to man. In fact, we were just getting ready to publish the results of a special new research project we recently completed on the benefits of peanuts on productivity and brain power. According to the study, people who eat at least a pound of peanuts a day experience a 42% increase in energy.


Push is the culminating motivator in direct marketing copy and the most important stage and to make your Unique Selling proposition. The proposition must say as the Rosser Reeves said:-

  • Buy this product and you will get this specific benefit.
  • Such as that the competitors either cannot or do not offer.
  • So strong as to move the masses.

Rosser Reeves

To continue the letter,

This is the most revolutionary diet ever to bless over 50 million overweight Americans. It works better than any diet that’s ever been found. There are no powders to mix, no schedule to remember, no portions to weigh or measure, no calories to count, and no combinations to keep track of.

It’s simple, healthy, and works like a charm. And, everything you need to know about the peanut diet has been put together in one place. In fact, my “ Health Through Peanuts” is the only book that is the only place in the world you can find this information.


What now?

Simple, It’s time to close the offer. Now make a “Push” and make a specific offer.

Right now, for a limited time, I am making a special promotion offer. I want to get this book out to the public so that people can see for themselves the remarkable results of the peanut diet.

Specialized books of this nature, produced in limited quantities, usually sell for $50 to $70.

But you’re not going to pay $75 for “Health Through Peanuts” In fact; you won’t even pay $50 for this rare and powerful information.

If you act today, you can take advantage of my limited time, introductory promotional offer, and get my revolutionary book “Health Through Peanuts” for only $19.95.

But please, you’ll have to take me up on it immediately. I cannot promise to hold this price for long. When the first printing has run out, this offer will be over and the next one will be at the full price of $49.95. So, if you act today, you can save an amazing amount of 60% of the regular price.

Sign it and it’s ready to go.

Secret Structure of Motivators in Direct Marketing Copy

It Consists of 4Ps  —  Promise, Picture, Proof and crediablity, and Push

To make a sale you just can’t tape the emotions only, you have to wire the cognitive part of the mind as well, as the emotional and cognitive parts are inter connected. In a good sales letter, you lead your prospect through writing and build his interest in your product. You have to get him so excited that his need is converted into the emotions and decides to spend hard cash to buy it.

What form the secret structure of a sale Copy:-

  • Hook your prospect with an idea and bring him to your letter. This is called “Title”. Your title must contain a promise.
  • Lure him to read through by activating his emotional button.
  • Identify his need, desire, vanity, lust, fear, or pride.
  • Now create a picture in his mind and a desire to get it through ideas and images.
  • Make him feel, whatever he is reading or seeing is real and he can achieve it.
  • Here he will take out the card and order your product if you have wired his cognitive mind.
  • Don’t try to argue the prospect with the facts and figures to make a decision. (By this, you are going to arouse the feeling of reason. You have to sell things through heart not head.)

Recall the Mark Morgan Ford’s words;

  • People don’t like the idea of being sold.
  • People buy things for emotional, not rational, reasons.
  • Once sold, people need to satisfy their emotional decision with logic.


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