Search Engine Optimization

SEO is key to search engine Ranking

Q-1     Will my site be on Google page # 1 after your SEO work?

Answer:        No professional SEO will guarantee to bring any website to Google page# 1 or that mater for ranking position, as there are over 200 factors Google algorithm considers to rank a website. The factors like your industry, current authority of the website, the targeted country competition, quality of content, backlinks, number of pages on the website, how well linked within own domain and many more…..

Q-2     Is this all the lifetime job done and I do not have to pay any more in the future?

Answer:        Let me apprise you that our services are just a one-time fee for the services offered and we will satisfy for that. SEO is a living technique, it keeps changing, and the Google algorithm is updating its strategies almost on a daily basis. Our services are not a long term commitment. For the long term, you have to invest like an advertisement to get the results.

If you are satisfied with our current services and the commitments we made, you are welcome to stay with us with more investments.

Q-3     If I have a different issue than you have mentioned above then can you handle it?

Answer:        If the problem is not covered above for that you can reach out to us and discuss your need and we will offer the solution and your investment.

Q-4     Why to pay a lot of money for SEO?

Answer:        Because;

  • With SEO technique your business will be right in front of customers once optimized.
  • SEO is an inexpensive way of getting the customer on your website.
  • You can measure the results, technology has made things easy. Now clients can see from which channel the customer is coming.
  • Improves the credibility of your business. Search engine results are a sign of trustworthiness. If the search engine displays your website on Google page#1, just imagine the confidence of your reader.

Q-5     Do you practice white hat SEO?

Answer:        Sure! We just practice the white hat. If you have some black hat shortcuts in mind then this is not the place for you.

Q-6     Is the content you create is of high quality and caters for SEO?

Answer:        Yes, we create the original content, incorporating targeted and researched keywords. No spun or plagiarized content at all.

Q-7     Do you make the one-page installation for us as well?

Answer:        Yes, if you desire so and give us the access to do so by giving permission to access your platform. Otherwise, we submit the complete strategy and report and your developer can do the job. And if he feels to consult us, we are just a call away.

Q-8     What can you do for me to improve my website ranking?


  • Find the relevant keywords your customer use frequently. (5 per page)
  • Full and comprehensive audit to find out the issues hindering the ranking of your website.
  • Set the on-page optimization.
  • Craft quality content. Fix the existing content and produce the new to optimize.

Q-9     What is the advantage of analyzing the competitor website and what to look for?

Answer:        Competitor analysis includes:-

  • Organic traffic analysis
  • Keywords targeting
  • Off-page analysis
  • Social activity
  • Referral traffic
  • Their on-page content analysis

Q-10  What all the SEO audit includes?


  • Title and description
  • Crawling and 404 errors
  • Mobile usability
  • Speed optimization
  • ALTs
  • Canonicals
  • Site map
  • txt
  • AMP errors
  • And many more

Q-11. What is technical SEO and what it can do for the website?

Answer:        You don’t have to be technical to do technical SEO. It can be done easily and with value without much technical knowledge. Technical SEO strategies are more indirect than on page SEO. It is important for enterprise-level SEO to improve the site’s overall performance.

It will solve the issues related to:-

  • The infrastructure of your website.
  • Design issues.

To implement technical SEO these Four specific steps are necessary:-

  • Have a clear objective.
  • Have cooperative teams to work with.
  • Make the best use of available tools.
  • Make a strategy and system to take required actions to implement technical SEO.

Q-12. What to follow to solve the common SEO problems?

Answer:        Follow these “Dos”.

  • Do give enough time to technical SEO.
  • Do avoid under thinking or even over thinking, just do what’s required.
  • Do use the right tools; gain their complete knowledge to have maximum benefit.
  • Do schedule, what to do and when.
  • Do make a clear process to make everything easy to have a scalable and specific impact.

Q-13. How technical SEO deals with algorithms?

Answers:       Following three factors are important to algorithms for ranking but the factor at “C” purely can be achieved by technical SEO.

  1. To deal with content and localization, you have to create relevance between the website and content.
  2. For in linking by other websites and social factors you have to create importance on your website.
  3. By improving the technical and site architecture you will improve the Trust and crawl-ability. Search engines consider many factors to improve the domain value for trust. Some are:-
  • Global, Content, Mobile Friendly, Accessibility, Site Architecture, Navigational Elements, Linking, Server delivery, Robots directives, Site performance, URL Structure, HTML Code and many more.

Q-14. What Google Webmaster expects related to SEO?

Answer:   Following are some of the basic guidelines from the search bot standpoint.

  • To crawl your website effectively, use a robot.txt file on your web server.
  • Understand your content better.
  • CMS should be able to create pages and links that search engines can crawl.
  • Your site is set up correctly to run on different browsers.

Q-15. What skills are needed for technical SEO?

Answer:        Technical SEO is a core for good intermediate to advanced level search engine optimization. The skills needed are:-

  • Scientific mindset.
  • A logical approach.
  • A problem solver.
  • Able to get underneath to discover what is causing certain things to work or perform better than others.
  • Detail oriented with the will to be thorough about assessing problems.

Important:   These skills will result in coming up with the right data, to make a case for change or identifying any problems to the stakeholders to take action.


You have to have an attitude to accept long term results and not always directly impactful initiatives. Therefore, look to interpret cause and effect rather expect an immediate correlation.

You can’t directly say in SEO, I did A+B+C and got D. No way, not possible as there are many factors.

Q-16. When it warrants getting technical SEO and what are common website performance and analysis tools?

Answer:        You should consider a technical SEO initiative if:-

  • If a problem with your website’s performance is indicated.
  • In the case of domain migration.
  • Technical SEO audit is needed.

Q-17. What are the Tools and Plug-ins for technical SEO?

Answer:        There are many tools available in the market but the best and common tools for beginners are:-

  • Google Search Console.
  • Bing webmaster tool.
  • Screaming Frog.


Google Search Console Bing Webmaster Tool Screaming Frog
To enable setup, load a file to your server or add a meta tag to your website’s HTML.


You can submit new content for crawling.


Monitor the content that is most engaging for search.


Help your site to stay clean from malware or spam issues.


You have access to data link to have:-

1-      Which queries cause your site to appear in search results?

2-      Which sites are linking most to your website?

3-      How mobile is performing for your visitors?

4-      You can set up here each subdomain or new country or language.

It can help you find traffic.


Provide reports on why people come to your site.


Indicate what to focus on.


Provides visibility if you are interested in expanding your site.


Although your traffic for Bing will be less than Google, their data is valuable and worth considering.

It is for auditing for medium to large sites.


It allows you to crawl, analyze and audit quickly.