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Content Marketing Plan – Tips and Considerations

Content Marketing Plan-Tips and considerations   Every site is different than others so, to market the website and get maximum visibility, you need to devise a content marketing plan. It can’t be generic that one size fits all. It’s made by considering and analyzing the mission, goals, and audience for that particular business. For any website to be created, first you

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Content Writing – Online Business Website

How to Write Content for online Business Website? Website visitor has the tendency to scan the content instead of reading very deep. Here reader will skim and hunt for only most relevant information. Content writing for online Business Website is different than writing for a book. In a sense, it has to be enticing and engaging the visitor. So that

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Power words in business content

Power words in business content Influences the Customers Power words in business content, grab the attention of your audience hence, more conversions and more clients. These words make the content influential where people will act on your advice. As a result, nudge the people to take action to convert.  Marketers take full advantage of Power words and shape the voice

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SEO Guidelines for Beginners to Improve search Ranking

5 SEO and Website Content Writing Tips that Matters   There are various myths in the SEO world which people boost around to improve the SERP ranking without creating relevant and valuable content. Do not follow the dubious advises and do not indulge in the black hat practices as well. Google is much smarter than me and you. We can’t

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Money Making Website-Online Passive Income

Money Making Website – A Way of Making Money online  You must have heard of businesses, selling products and providing services to the clients. But what if you make more money without clients, sitting at the comfort of your home, without going into the hassle of 9 – 5 jobs. Yes it is possible! I am talking about building your own Money Making Website

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