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Your Digital Marketing Campaign Need SEO Content


WE Take Every Site as Unique and Every Industry as Different

To unlock the potential of your website, website audit is the answer. With audit we determine the baseline as where your website stands, so that you can craft a clear SEO strategy for the future of your business.

Improvement in on-page SEO and technical SEO can only be made if you know, what the issues are with your website. Once the issues with on-page SEO and Technical SEO are addressed, you can plan for the off-page SEO to acquire the quality back links. Quality back links brings the traffic to your website and results in higher ranking in SERP.

Our expert SEO consultant will discover all the issues and recommend the way forward

SEO Audit will help;

  • To prioritize the work and address the issues having the biggest impact on your search ranking.
  • Asses the assets your website already has and the quality and quantity of assets. It will facilitate you in formulating the back link strategy.

(Back links will bring the traffic and results into increase in ROI)

  • To identify the issues holding you back from success i.e. Accessibility, crawling, indexing, ranking and bringing organic traffic.

We audit all sizes of websites, after discussing with you, we submit the proposal for your approval,  discuss these further and finalize recommendations, to be implemented by your developer.

WE recommend every site owner to have site audit before any venture for link building campaign

Our site audit constitutes;

  • On-Site SEO audit (Because your site should be free from all issues for humans and bots alike)
  • Keyword research and market research (It will help you to align your site assets with the goals)
  • Discover if the site is facing any penalties
  • Moving from one domain to another, involve issues to be resolved.
  • Find reasons if any for sudden drop in traffic.
  • Content strategy for new project.

What issues hold back websites from Ranking?

  • Site architecture
  • Accessibility & Crawlability issue
  • Search engine indexing (search engine does not bring the results live rather       fetches the results from 130 trillion pages already indexed)
  • Penalty by the search engine for violating webmaster guidelines.
  • Sudden drop in traffic
  • Mobile unfriendliness
  • Low page speed and load time.
  • Duplicate content.
  • Technical errors.
  • Internal linking
  • Broken links
  • Improper use of keywords

The work flowchart

Hold consultation with you or your project manager
(Understand the site history, problems if any, business goals, time lines, preferred mode of communication and deliverables

Request you to share the information needed to carry out the audit, like Google analytics, Search Console

We execute the audit, on completion, discuss it with you or your project manager and deliver the findings and data

Work with your developer to implement the recommendations


  Prioritization of problems

◊  Issues discussed with explanations

◊  Findings and recommendations/solution

◊  Documentation, analysis, findings and your site crawl data

◊  Active communication with your team (No time bar)

◊  Dedicated consultation and support and access


Our Content builds your link able assets

Website cannot come up in the search results without link-able assets on your website. Acquiring links require relevant and valuable content. Website is analyzed before the content is created, gaps are identified, audience are taken into account and keywords are researched. Outline is made discussed with your team only then content is created, edited and finally sent to you in word copy for publishing. Where you need help we are all out to help.

  1. Content Strategy for the website: $925
  • Complete review of your website
  • 10 x outline of content with titles, meta date, meta description, relevant keyword themes, internal link recommendations, optimized headers and explanations.


  1. Link able Content Post (1000-1500 words) $225
  • Worthy of links.
  • Captures attention of the searcher
  • Keywords researched
  • Optimized title tag, meta description, alt tag, optimized heading, internal linking with your important pages as desired.
  1. 5 Posts Bunch (800-1500 words each) $1275
  • Each post with well research keywords
  • Optimized title tag, meta tag, meta descriptions, alt txt, internal linking with your website multiple and diverse. 

Knowledge Make you succeed

Apart from valuable services we offer to get your businesses going, this site is full of information, tips and tools to offer you for free. You can horn your skills in the content writing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Copy writing, Email writing, website content, E-mail campaign content, Blog writing and many more.

Needless to say, these strong writing skills are the key to success if you have some knowledge of Search Engine optimization and content writing.

Here you will learn these skills for free and let me assure you, these skills will give you the edge, as how to get the best from digital content Marketing Campaigns. Your business will become stress-less and  bring you the freedom to work from anywhere and anytime. Even if you are a beginner just go through the relevant terms to abreast the perfect knowledge.

While key knowledge of SEO and content writing to help businesses to prosper, earn more and get educated as well!

Our Services Render all this!

Success gives Strength!

Once your online presence is visible in the search engine.You feel confident. understanding the audience Converts visits into more qualified leads resulting into Increase in sale and more ROI.

We offer set of useful services in the following fields, please feel free to ask for technical audit of your website and consultation for free.

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