Web CopyWriting

Web CopyWriting is the specialty

Web Copy writing is job of Skilled Writer

Effective Web Copywriting Brings more traffic and leads


Website copywriting is the way of communicating persuasively with your prospect and customers. Furthermore, search engines optimize the content and make it available, for the search results. To add further, website copywriting service creates the content that is liked by the humans and search engines alike. The content that appeals to the customers and prospects. It should sound authentic.

Phases of Web Copywriting

1. Research Phase:   

  • Carryout online research and consult notes.
  • Hold discussions with the client and try to find;

⇒  Client’s communication style.

                   ⇒ The language and slang of its business.

                   ⇒  Find out the sales and marketing challenges.

                         (These factors are important in the creation of webcopy)

2. Strategy Phase in Web Copywriting:  

In this phase, we focus on the content elements to translate these into a living webpage. These elements are;

  • Select the keywords for each page to be created.
  • Create the meta description.
  • Gather the guidance from the client as what all, to emphasize on the page.
  • Create the headlines incorporating the keyword and benefits offer, right up in the headings. (H1, H2 and even H3 is created if necessary).
  • Plan introductory content with high impact value, for the top of the page.
  • Body of the page, where the complete content appears.
  • Design call-to-Action.
  • Make the list of all writing resources, to include industry information and other online authoritative links.
  • Design the wire-frame, menu and rough skeletons to understand the project.

3.  Sample Content Phase:

We create few finish pages as a sample content before all the pages of the website are crafted. We send it for the client’s approval, once approved, only then we proceed with the balance pages.

4.  Content Creation Phase:

We keep the following points in mind when creating the web copy.

  • Create a unique content page even for the similarly themed pages.
  • Only needed words we add to the content while keeping in mind the SEO. So that, the content copy is acceptable to humans and search engines alike.

5.  Editing and Proof Reading Phase:

Our editor team will look for the following issues taken care-off;

  • The content message is logical, effective and persuasive.
  • Look for the spelling, grammar, punctuation, choice of words, writing style and tone.
  • Ensure that statistics and factual statements are correct. (Client Authenticates).
  • Check for the proper use of keywords, as at the right places and pages.
  • Confirm the text to the applicable writing standard. (AP style or AMA manual of style).

Web Copy is an essential part of your online Marketing tactics and strategies. A Copy is all about educating the prospect to do business with you. People want knowledge and learn about the product that they want to buy. They don’t want to be sold. This is how the great copy addresses this issue by being persuasive, powerful and engaging. It communicates the message to the audience in an effective way.

Contentwriting.blog team of professional and experts are the specialist in the respective niche. We exactly know how to draw the attention of the prospect through impressive and convincing headings. We take the prospect swiftly on the buying path to commit action they desire.

“It is how, you sell is more important than what you sell”

Your investment in a great copy is never wasted!