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SEO MUST for online marketing

SEO Must for Content Marketing Campaign


As the modern SEO, require Strategic, technical and creative thinking. Furthermore, it is the balanced combination of content, plus technology and the data. Although, it is inherently challenging, interesting and changing. So, the Search Engine Optimization is must for your website.

There is a big question, as, how SEO can help website to rank high in search ranking?

Let’s take the example of the Business solution “A” and the business solution “B”. As, both are with the similar features and benefits. Where as, in search results, “B” is better than “A”. It is because, “B” is good to make use of:-

image-95 SEO

SEO is the scientific mindset and logical approach to problem solving

  • Relevant content, Which renders value to the audience. While used the properly   researched keywords.
  • keywords are used at the right places in the content and with the relevant frequency.
  • The content is persuasive and engaging that converts the client.
  • It has organic backlinks and inbound links.
  • While offers the best service.

How We Work?

  • Our expert examine the website of a client.
  • Hence, we Carryout the website audit and conduct content                      analysis.
  • Identify the opportunities, so as to effectively compete with your competitors by:-     – Competitiveness of your keywords used.

         – Relevance of your content.

         – Intent of your content.

  • As a result, create an effective SEO strategy to include:-

                 – Select the right keywords.

                 – Find the keywords, with the right search volume and low competition.

                 – Workout the KEI (Keyword Efficiency Index).

                 – Search on the consumer psychology and search behavior.

                 – Fix the on-Page SEO, Technical SEO and the Off-Page SEO. 


This is, what all, the Content can do for you.

There is a practice, to write articles by using the synonyms and metaphors, to impress the public. But let me assure you, that it will not bring your website in the Google search result. Unless, you follow the Google webmaster BEST PRACTICES.

No stuffing of keywords.

Now, the Innovations occur so fast, that it is nearly impossible, to follow these. Hence, the breadth of skills set required is only possible, if you equip your team with the latest skills and techniques. Therefore, our SEO Q & A, is the best resource, to address your various queries.

SEO is craft not be-fooling the search engines.

To conclude; As, the website audit and proper competitive analysis of your website can only make you and the stakeholders to understand, the resources needed, as well as , the results you may be expecting. At Contentwriting.Blog, we take care of the needs of clients, stakeholders and customers.

Above all, the customer experiences are our primary objective.



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