WordPress Website

Website key for any Online Business

In this world of digital landscape every business small or large need online presence to achieve its goals. To have your online marketing we are proud to offer very versatile WEBSITE SERVICESWordPress website designs and development services to our valued customers. It has number of advantages:-

  • User friendly. (Due to simple technology its designs are made natural as the users perceive while hierarchy is easy to follow)
  • Content Management is Easy. (You need not to contact webmaster for updating of the content. You yourself can update and can carry out the changes as you desire, from any computer, any time or from any place)
  • Responsive and SEO friendly.
  • Customizable and Expandable.
  • No HTML Editing Needed.
  • Time Saver.
  • Functions can be improved by Plugins. (There are so many functions available free of cost or with minimal cost)
  • Scalable website. (With the growth of your business, you can add any number of pages and post to grow your website.

We ensure the quality of website and other web marketing tools during all the phases of development:-

Plan                      Create                         Launch                         Monitor

We ensure to keep the whole process efficient and complete it in time while carrying the following activities:-

Planning Phase.  (1-2 Weeks)

  • Need analysis is done
  • Competitor’s Website is searched and goals are set.
  • Strategic web planning is done.
  • Proposal is created and forwarded for approval by the client.
  • Once the proposal is accepted, project time line, scope of work and calendar are established.
  • Items needed from the client are requested.
  • Hosting of the domain is done and other Accounts are created i.e. email, social media.

Creation Phase.  (1-3 Weeks)

  • Content workbook and road map are made.
  • Brand and design guidelines are established.
  • Wireframes created and Manu is finalized.
  • Site is created by using WordPress technology for Content Management while keeping in mind client’s requirements.
  • Email Marketing Templet and social media profiles are created.

Launching Phase.  (1-3 weeks)

  • Site is tested for functionality and SEO purposes and client view obtained.
  • Website is published.
  • Step by step training is conducted and written tutorial is provided to the client.
  • Project is finalized and wrapped-up.

Monitoring Phase.  ( On going and very important for the health of website)

  • Website is regularly monitored and analyzed to measure the output.
  • Prospect’s response is noted and incorporated to improve the website.
  • Resources and Tools needed for the project are provided to the client to make it successful.
  • Communication is maintained with the client on an ongoing basis to improve the website and reap the opotunities in a timely manner.