Writing E-Newsletter is-Income and Fun

Write E-Newsletter and Enjoying Writers Life


The freedom to work from your home office or anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection for that matter…. Good Idea. Writing E-Newsletter is an OpportunityGet paid a full time for a part time hours…… Very much possible. The satisfaction of helping businesses find new customers and grow……… Absolutely right. All is possible, while writing, short fun content and not someday…..but……writing right away. You can enjoy writer’s life and earn, with a little known (But extremely profitable) writing niche. I am about to introduce you to……. Writing E-Newsletter, it is the “Best Way to make consistent, Predictable Income as Writer.

This niche is “quite” because so few writers know about it- and even fewer are talking about it. Which surprises me when you consider first how great it is for everyone starting out (for experience pros, too). All while having loyal clients that pay you every month and year after year.

Why Writing E-newsletter?

  • Because, E-newsletter are the cost effective way for your client to reach their customer base. (Much less than traditional and direct mail). One of the best way of  marketing with content.
  • As, E-newsletters quickly pay for it and the result are measurable to prove it. (Just one customer to your client, will recover all his expenses including writer’s fees).
  • E-Newsletter content can be used much more than e-Newsletter. (Your client can use your content for social media, blog posts, trade publications and many more).
  • To add further, E-Newsletters are ideal for connecting your clients with prospects and his customers. (It maintains a relationship with prospective customers).

As a result of regular e-newsletter, you create stronger business bound, with engaged customers who regularly buy the products and services of your client……. and for this, all credit goes to YOU.

Writing E-Newsletter will lead you to earn and live comfortable life style

This amazing lucrative niche and that too in your spare time, give you the opportunity to:-

  • Benefit from literally millions of prospective clients.
  • Professional service providers are hungry, searching for this kind of copy.
  • They are ready to pay handsomely for it.

Features of E-Newsletter

E-Newsletter writing style “sells without selling”.

So E-Newsletter is not selling “hype” sales copy. Instead, educational stories, Tips and guides, metaphors, and simple advice, works best. So you won’t have the pressure of trying to fight against time or get struck writing pages upon pages of long sales copy.

E-Newsletter projects are simple fun and short

You can learn how to write E-Newsletter  in only a few days, with a little practice and you’ll complete a project in less than a day. So whether you have a little time to work or a lot! Your schedule will be easy to plan and you will have plenty of time left over, to enjoy the writer’s life.

No worry, as where from your next income is coming

You’ll have income coming in consistently. Why?

Because your client need these projects completed every month. No more feast or famine, or wondering if you’ll have enough to cover your bills. Because you have the security of retainer with these in demand projects. Plus, here’s what else is surprising despite this being a relatively little-known niche by most writers, the demand and opportunity for this style of writing is off the charts.

In fact, 26 Million Clients just in USA want to pay you Month after Month (and year after year). While all businesses, in countless industries-could use this style of writing to their benefit. There is “sweet spot” of clients who will benefit the most.

To add further, here’s what will boggle your mind, as this niche currently account for $3 trillion of U.S. economy and getting wider by every day. The number is expected to sky rocket to 5 trillion, even more in next two years.

Frankly it’s the largest writer’s market I’ve ever seen. Which mean the opportunity for you to live the writer’s life is promising while unlimited.

Just a handful of clients (say, 3 to 5) could give you a very comfortable life style. That’s because these 26 million prospective clients NEED this kind of copy on a regular basis. So they’ll be happy to pay you retainer fee month after month – year after year.

So, who exactly are these clients….And what Lucrative and Repeating projects of writing E-Newsletter,you’ll work on!

With your this type of content writing, You’ll be helping professional service providers, simply put, that’s anyone who provides a service or their expertise—like accountants, lawyers, Plumbers, carpenters, Real estate brokers, dentists, architects and life coaches.

As you just learned, there are 26 million service providers throughout the U.S. alone what to talk of whole world. That’s a lot of potential client!

Even if you decide to write for only one specific type of service provider, you’d never run out of options. Just take example of accountants………There are over 1.23 million accountants in U.S. alone!

And there are millions more of other kinds of service providers in every industry imaginable—from Sports coaching to home organization— Accountants to Lawyers, there’s bound to be niche that fits your interests.

These professionals usually work for themselves or a small firm. So, there income is directly related to how many paying clients they get every month.

This is where you come in!

Many of these service providers don’t have the time or desire to constantly market themselves and drum up business, although they should. Many don’t keep in touch with the past customers who may hire them again, or refer them to others.  As a result, a large majority of service providers simply rely on word of mouth, advertising to keep them busy. But as you can imagine, relying solely on word-of-mouth, referrals to sustain and grow a business isn’t always enough.

So what’s The Solution!

Hiring you (The E-Newsletter Writer) to create a fun, simple e-newsletter for them.

Entertain, Engage, and get paid With E-newsletter!

You may call these electronic newsletter, email newsletter or e-zine. They are all the same thing; it’s an email from your client to their target audience. An e-Newsletter isn’t an auto responder or an email blast. It doesn’t use hard sales or quick promotions. Instead, e-Newsletters are short, concise, “Article in email form”. By creating an e-Newsletter on a regular basis, a service provider can generate likability and trust, making a prospective client more likely to buy from them.

Most professional service providers already know this. They know that having a regular e-Newsletter can help their business grow. But then again, most professional service providers aren’t writers or marketers. In fact, most of them don’t even like the idea of having to market themselves or toot their own horn.

Instead, they want to place the majority of their focus on doing what they do best- just providing a great service to their clients. This is why they’ll pay you handsomely to solve this dilemma and write an e-newsletter for them.

How to go about Writing E-Newsletter?

Planning stage:

Arrange interview with your client and find about his expertise, objectives and goals. Understand, as what he wants to achieve with his e-newsletter….. Further find the following:-

  • Find the goal of his business.
  • Gather the content to be incorporated in the E-Newsletter.
  • It’s design and look.
  • Finalize the length and size of E-Newsletter.

Once you and your client, agree to what to write and what they want to achieve. Now you are in a position to get on to work and write an e-Newsletter. This is the time to plan and map down everything.

(First and foremost, ask for the “set up” fee. Anywhere from $2500 to 10,000)

Execution Stage:

Once your client Okays the project, start writing the e-Newsletter and charge minimum of $600- up to $2000 per issue, depending on the business type. This will be on top of your initial fee. Each e-Newsletter is typically, will be of 700 to 1200 words, and that you can easily write in few hours. And the benefit of writing this quiet niche doesn’t end here……

  • Fill the body of E-Newsletter with write up and images.
  • Create a click worthy subject line.
  • Best is to personalize it.
  • Must add senders address.
  • Put alt text to all images.
  • Before sending, be legally compliant of CAN-SPAM and GDPR.
  • Send the E-Newsletter.
  • Monitor and analyze.

For new writers this is the best as clients don’t require any hard-sell copy Writing . As the goal of the e-Newsletter is simply to stay in touch and build relationship with the current, past and potential clients.

For example; E-Newsletter for an accountant could be an article “How to organize your accounts”.  For veterinarian “Tips to keep pets healthy”

To conclude; e-Newsletter is just a valuable content that helps the readers to address various issues and enriches their life while building the trust in you. It’s the trust that will bring client to you again and again. Your E-newsletter should:-

  • Generate leads
  • Ability to get emails contact
  • Brings traffic to your website