SEO Guidelines for Beginners to Improve search Ranking

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5 SEO and Website Content Writing Tips that Matters


There are various myths in the SEO world which people boost around to improve the SERP ranking without creating relevant and valuable content. Do not follow the dubious advises and do not indulge in the black hat practices as well. Google is much smarter than me and you. We can’t be-fool Google with any cynical practices. I will not talk SEO Tips and Strategiesmuch about technical things of SEO rather just some common sense considerations about SEO and website content writing.

SEO and website cannot be parted, any website content that is created with the intention to render value to the reader offers good readability and follows the webmaster guidelines, that SEO and website will stand out in the crowd. No other way.

Publish content on your website regularly and consistently

There is no alternative to content on your website, it may be text, Infographics, video or audio publish regularly but relevant to your topic or industry. Therefore, Keep your website updated and fresh with interesting and valuable content. If your front page is static page then make it a point to introduce your fresh content in some form. If you have a blog, better have it one, and then provide links on the front page to the blog or recent content.

All those using WordPress like me have no worry, just use the widget for recent post in your sidebar and there it is.

Use search Phrases/ keywords, your audience are searching for

Another big myth use the keywords, but only well research keywords yield the fruit. Keep in mind that keywords have lot of competition. Just see it by entering the query on Google and you will find results in millions.

Especially relevant, just use 5-6 keyword, one seed keyword and 5 more, that’s all, however, you can use number of synonyms. Don’t stuff the article with keywords, it won’t help. Use narrow and specific keywords (Long tail keywords). Avoid generic keywords, as, these don’t stand against big brands. Use relevant search terms and phrases readers are searching for.

Friendly URL for SEO-Make use of slugs

Slugs appear at the end of URL and helps the reader to understand the topic right from the outset. Beside that, it is good for search engines as well; they take it more user friendly and better for navigation, to understand the article from the outset.

Make the tag line descriptive

Tag line are used for better understanding of readers about the topic. Remember anything which facilitates the user, almost, search engine will also grade it better for ranking.

  • Tags should be relevant to your topic of article.
  • Relevant tags make it easy for the reader to reach to your article.
  • As a result, after some time related tags will form a strong group and increase the authority of your         blog.
  • Avoid attaching excessive tags with one article; tag should be explicit to your article.

Publicize the Content:

Do not place yourself on the island, because silos will isolate you from the community of SEO and website content writers. So, socialize and socialize. Share your thoughts with other bloggers in the comments section. Write the comments logical, interesting and relevant to your topic.

  • Appreciate fellow bloggers and like them, give them stars, whenever their post moves           you. Give comment, this way, you will be able to engage in conversation, as a result, you       will be  able to attract others  to your blog. Also, Follow other bloggers.
  • Participate in discussion but it must be focused and positive. NO offensive or flouting in         other’s rights.
  • Invite the guest bloggers, rather, write for others as a guest blogger.
  • Publicize your posts on Facebook, Google+, Tumbler, LinkedIn and twitter. As I am                using, all these are inbuilt in the CMS in the sharing, with simple                    procedure. For WordPress      audience just go to My Site —— Sharing tab and click              connect next to the network you want your article to be displayed. My Friends, on other        CMS can do it whatever the guide lines of your system are.
  • Keep analyzing the traffic, note down their visit behavior and patterns. You can use              Google console and Google analytics. Although I have the inbuilt facility on WordPress          integrated with Google analytics but even then I carry out the research visiting Google          console as well Google analytics. Some of the things look at are:-
  1. What category of post, visitors are more interested.
  2. Which part of the world (Countries) your article is viewed more.
  3. Number of coverts.
  • Do not forget to submit sitemap, invite the search engine to your website by submitting        the sitemap. Some of the CMS like provide the inbuilt facility. So no                worry to friends on
  • Most importantly, Follow the blogging etiquette.

To conclude, you must be thinking that what SEO is in this article. Yes, anything writing logically, interesting, engaging and in line with Google webmaster guidelines is all SEO. There are over 200 factors that SEO considers for the Ranking. Anyway, no SEO and website content writer can standout, unless, make himself sit down and write, but write relevant. There is no shortcut for better ranking in SERP and building the website as authority site, except writing. Your relevant content on the topic and published regularly and consistently will make you standout of the crowd.


Revealed: The Secrets our Clients Used to Earn $3 Billion
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