Power words in business content

Power words in business content Influences the Customers

Power words in business content, grab the attention of your audience hence, more conversions and more clients. These words make the content influential where people will act on your advice. As a result, nudge the people to take action to convert.  Marketers take full advantage of Power words and shape the voice of content as they desire. Mainly there are three types of power words and I will discuss all three types in detail, with the attached words.

  1. Seductive Power Words in business Content: Create inquisitiveness and nudge people to take action hence boost conversions and social sharing.
  2. Emotional Power Words in business Content: These are instrumental to grab the attention of your reader.
  3. Sensory Power Words in business Content: These are picture words that make the reader, experience your words hence keep him engaged in your content.

Seductive Words in business Content

I will discuss 7 super seductive words that matter while writing content. These are;

  • New
  • Free
  • Imagine
  • Because
  • Instant
  • How to
  • Numerals
  • You

Using Word “New” in your Business Content:

The word “new” in the Ad content gives the feeling as, something re-imagined and created from ground up or re-invented from the inside-out.

The best uses could be:

  • When “announcing” or “introducing” a new product, use it at the start of the subject in your emails. As an example, “NEW way of crafting an effective blog post”. And when tweeting to introducing your blog post, do mention at the start of tweet “New blog post”.
  • On sale pages, flash the feature, highlighting with “New” for new products. An example could be “New power formula for joint pains”
  • When upgrading the existing or bringing some improvement in the new model. Flash in the features as what is new. “New power formula for joint pains with the enhanced power of Omega-3”

“Free” Offer in the Business Content

People like something free. Giving away something “Free” is always welcome, so, must harness its power in your writing by;

  • Using it in the heading of your blog like “Free blog template” or Free step-by-step content writing guide.
  • When giving away some sort of free bonus with a product.
  • Offer “Free download”, “Free report”, ”Free e-course” or “Free templates”, if somebody opt-in to your list.
  • Examples are: [Free worksheet] makes you craft Content Strategy in a day. OR
  • Your Free guide to digital marketing in a simple to understand steps.

Word “Imagine” in Business content Attracts Attention

If someone is in pain or has some desire and you have the solution then:

  • Offering the benefits upfront always entices your customer, but only possible if presented, in a way that he starts dreaming for that product or service then Use the word “Imagine”.
  • For example; “Imagine, after taking this powerful new formula, your year’s joint pain vanishes and you feel coziness in life”.
  • “Imagine after learning SEO, you are able to bring your website higher in the ranking. And as a result, it started working for you, by earning money online”.

“Because” triggers Brain for logic

By using “because” you are presenting reason which triggers an automatic response in the mind of the reader. For example:

  • The price of this product is kept low “because we want maximum people should get the benefit”.

Instant, or Instantly, Immediate, Fast

Use of “Instant” prompts, the reader to act immediately to the facility or offer. People desire and feel good when starting instantly. You can make it risk-free by indicating some sort of guarantee. For example;

  • Do this and have “Instant access to my resources”.
  • Yoast SEO Add Instant power to your website (Money-back Guarantee).

“How to” an Inquisitive word for Reader

The word “How to” prompts in the mind of your reader, as you want to give some useful information or you want to teach something valuable. It creates inquisitiveness as well. Everybody likes to see what’s in it. Keep this thing in mind that “How to” works to the optimum if your promise is valuable and specific.

Numerals play magic in Business content

Numbers has a lot of power but in digit form. For example;

  • 7 best content writing tips to succeed as a writer.

Address your Reader with “You”

“You” is a magic word as you are addressing the reader directly. It moves him hypnotically to act. So you must use it in your writing especially in Ads.

Emotional Power Words in business Content

Emotional Power Words are used to empathize with your reader. As, What problem he/she is struggling?

What is her feeling when he/she thinks of these problems?

Or how your product or service will solve his/her problem?

There are 8 broad categories of emotions with different effects on your reader when consuming your content;



Joy It is a strong emotion that drives people to share, as maybe some news, or occasion or some happening to celebrate.
Trust It arouses the feeling of commitment and relationship to your reader.
Fear It tends to nudge the reader to purchase the product, by adding the adverse consequences of pain or suffering, he has.
Surprise Motivates the reader to take action, to be the pioneer, have a sense of elevation and feel different.
Sadness Anger and anxiety lead people to share the pain to get solace and expect a solution to their pain.
Disgust Its high arousal emotion, people tend to share.
Anger Again high arousal emotion which people tend to share.
Interest Interest emotion is created when something is Controversial, Forbidden, secret, agenda, censored, concealed, curiosity
Urgency An emotion which hypnotically creates missing out factor in the mind. As, Instantly, profitable, missing out, proven, Revolutionary,
Anticipation Creates the mysterious or Inspirational factor which the reader expects to receive in the near future.

Joy Factor Emotional Words in Business content

Some words that fall under this category could be:

Love, Lovable, to love, falling in love
Joy, joyful, to enjoy, fun-loving,
Tender, tenderness
Devotion, devote, to devote
Nurturing, to nurture
Bliss, blissful
Seduction, seductive, to seduce
To cherish
Luck, lucky
Ecstatic, tickled, Euphoric,
Triumph, Triumphant
on top of the,
I love ‘em! ,
that sound fabulous

Trust Factor Emotional Words in Business content

Reliable, reliability
Faith, faithful
Admiration, to admire
Scientific, science
Facts, factual
Authoritative, authority, Authentic
Fool-proof, sure-fire

 Fear Factor Emotional Words in Business content

Abuse, abusive
Steal, stolen, plunder
Anxiety, anxious
Freaking out
Failure, to fail
Burning out
Insanely brilliant, Hell, crazy-good, outrageously good

Slack-jawed, gobsmacking

Surprise Factor Emotional Words in Business content

Enchantment, enchanting, to enchant
To beguile
To bewitch
Chock-full, jam-packed
Lurking in the dark,
buzzing content
Being blown away,
I’ve stashed
Wrangle, subtle power

Sadness Factor Emotional Words in Business content

Sobbing, to sob
Troubled, to trouble
Envy, envious

Disgust Factor Emotional Words in Business content

Crap, crappy
Shit, shitty
Trash, trashy
Repellent, to repel, repulsive
Seems paltry,

Anger Factor Emotional Words in Business content

Rage, raging
Fury, furious
Hatred, to hate
To sulk
Frenzy, frantic

Anticipation Factor Emotional Words in Business content

Passion, passionate
Craving, Crave
Longing, to long for
Inspiration, to inspire
Enthusiasm, to enthuse
Charming, to charm
To woo
Discovery, to discover
Mystery, mysterious

Sensory Power Words in Business content

Sensory power words, create the warmth of sensation with the readers. As a result, your reader feels closer to you, hence you captivate your audience. Sensory words even convert the drabbest content into fascinating and exciting, which moves your readers. With sensory words, you light up the brain and make the reader feel, see, hear, smell, taste, and move.

Write in a way that you conjure up images when describing scenes or translating abstract concepts into reality. This is how your content makes you different from the crowd. In fact with the help of sensory words, you can translate your experience in descriptive form.

As it is evident from the word sensory that these words have some relation with the senses of human beings. So these are used in content accordingly, to give the effect of that particular sense;

Sense Experiences
Sight Color, Shape, Appearance,

For example; A gigantic ship, A foggy morning, A bright sunny day, Vibrant color, gloomy faced.

Touch Feelings of texture and abstract concept. As, Fluffy, Slimy, Sticky.

Your smoothness of words will solace the reader.

Hearing Describes in the form of sound. Like thumping, tingling, crashing, squeaky, strident, shrilly, piercing, Sizzling, And Murmuring. As

You should be communicating with readers in a serene voice

Taste The words expressing the taste, as sweet, Zesty.

As turn your writing in a zesty and lip-smacking content.

Smell The words expressing in a way as you are actually smelling. Tantalizing, stinky, stale.
Motion Although the motion is not typically included in the five human senses but it is sensory as these words describe the experience of movement.

Like, bumpy, mind-boggling, soaring, vibrating, sailing, staggering and dazzling.

As, while writing your words must swing and swirl.

Frequently used Emotional and sensory Power words in Business Content

Emotions/Senses Words
Joy Love-able, blissful, to nurture
Trust Proven, guaranteed, authority
Surprise Awe, mesmerizing, jaw-dropping
Fear Freaking out, scary, sabotage
Disgust Crappy, lousy, to repel
Sadness Teary-eyed, to sob, shame
Anger Tantrum, raging, grouping
Anticipation Lust, to yearn, to woo
Curiosity Secret, forbidden, concealed
Urgency Instantly, proven, profitable
Visual Gigantic, Bulky,

Glitter, Sparkling, shiny, glowing, vibrant.

Shimmering, Teeny-tiny.

Crooked, shadowy, gloomy, hazy, murky

Drab, dull, Knotty.

Touch/Tactile Fluffy, smooth, rough, sticky, gritty, woolly.

Slimy, hairy, creepy. Crisp, chilled, stifle.

Hearing/Auditory Buzz, Humming, serene.

Hubbub, faint, deafening,.

Squeaky, earsplitting, boom, roaring, thundering.

Crunchy, sizzling, hissing, shriek, snappy.

Taste Juicy, yummy, lip-smacking, zesty, sweet, spicy, stinky, bitter.
Smell Bland, rotten, stinky, gooey.

Fragrant, stale.

Motion Soaring, staggering, blown away, shocking, turbulent, and choppy.

Resonate, breeze through, eye-popping, gobsmacking, swirling.

To grab, to wriggle.

Jaw-dropping good


To conclude: these words are not the ultimate. There may be many more. For sure, these power words make your content engaging and persuasive. These words nudge people to take action. To make these words as real, do indicate facts and back up your claims with testimonials or scientific proofs or findings. It will make you the authority. So that your reader can squeeze, every precious drop of value from it.


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