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Content Marketing has to be Managed

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A-Z steps to Managing Content Marketing Project

Getting the first client for content marketing and then managing him right from first call to successful completion, is an uphill task. If you are prepared to handle the client, you Ace it and as a result your writing career is up. Getting the Content Marketing project is different, than managing this project in a successful manner.

Remember you just don’t know what the first client is going to ask you. But one thing is for sure, for me the meeting with every client has to be different. Anyway, you must structure the outline for the interview so that at the end of interview, you must have grasped all the essentials of project. If you have the outline, you will be more confident, during this meeting and chances are for landing a project.

Initial Conversation with the Client:


1.  Make a checklist of questions while determining the time and mode for conversation. i.e. In person, phone, or on Skype.

2.  Ask questions and make notes so that on the day of interview you are well prepared.

3.  Get to know the business of your client. Ask questions like:-

  • As, What is his business?
  • What services do he offer or sell?

4.  What are his goals for doing this project? i.e.

  • Want Increase in traffic to the site.
  • Increase conversion or
  • Aim is to increase brand exposure.

5.  Who are the target Audience, customers or prospects?

  • There demography, lifestyle.
  • What is their level of awareness about the company?

6.  What problems client is facing or biggest challenge he has with regard to marketing or copy?

  • What’s working now, and what frustrates your client, is it content, marketing or copy?
  • Who is going to approve the project, and implement it?
  • Find out the business competitors, and how your product/service is different from them?
  • Discuss the time frame for completion of the project?
  • What is the budget range, in clients mind for this project?
  • Why you want to make changes to your website or change the content strategy now?
  • Ask a specific question as, has you covered everything you wanted to share?

1-week prior to the date of interview start with the research to include:-

  • visit the company website, and research it thoroughly.
  • Get on their email list. Find their promotions.
  • Find the Facebook Business page.
  • See them on Google.
  • Know them, their preferences and functionality.
  • Their product/service features, strengths, benefits and hot button.
  • What are  their issues, Interests and wishes.

Interview with the Client:

You are well prepared as discussed and reach for the interview. Divide your every interview in these 7-steps every time you go to any client.

  1. Introduction
  2. The Lead.
  3. Probe and listen.
  4. Create the picture.
  5. Expect a logical outcome; Land the project.
  6. Position yourself as the solution giver/pain reliever.
  7. Explain them the next steps, better make a flow chart.

Introduction and Lead:

Be Prepared, in the start client might ask, Background and experience, the samples, the people I worked with.

Present as Like able, start the interview on a positive note, and find some common ground, spend more time asking insight questions about the organization/company. It’s not recommended to talk much about yourself.

Offer advice and be Giver, Offer valuable advice based on your expertise, be more concerned what you can do for them rather than what you might get out of the relationship.

Probe and Listen:

To avoid pain and suffering at later stage determine at the initial stage, if this project is good fit for me. And you can very conveniently determine this based on the prospect’s answers to your following questions. Start asking the questions in a nice and professional way, while using the right tone. It is better to practice your questions with a friend or peer on phone before hand. You will be more confident.

  • Find as,Is the project well defined?
  • Can I do well on this a project ?
  • What about the prospect expectations, are these realistic?
  • Is the prospect approaching the challenge in a logical manner?
  • Has a budget already set aside for this project? If not, will one be made available/ when?
  • Have you worked with a freelance copy writer before?
  • Who will be involved in making the decision on this project?
  • Are you considering other freelance writers or firms?
  • How will you make a decision? It will be based on what?
  • Do you need the quote for budgeting purposes or are you looking to move on this project soon?
  • When will you make the decision, and when can I expect to hear back?
  • Once I send you my proposal, when should I follow with you?

Create the Picture

While discussing the fee schedule, tell the client “After I write this for you, it can bring in sales (Leads) for a long time. So my work will pay for itself in the form of improved long term revenue for your business.” And what will happen if you don’t achieve your goals?

Tell the prospect what you’ll do next, better make a flow chart for easy consumption. and thank him at the end.

How will you know if project is going Successful?

Companies Measuring the Results, will be happier with the Results of the Project. Your client must know, whether they are successful? but

  • Educate them as, how will they measure the results?
  • How to assess the signals of successful project verses a failed project?

You as a professional are the  Solution!

This is, what you have to educate your prospect, make him more knowledgeable. Abreast him regularly on the following information to build his confident in you:-

Web Traffic.

  • How much visits are there?
  • Where from geographically visits are coming?
  • What are the most active keywords being used?
  • See as what keywords convert into clicks and sale or conversion?

Landing Page Success.

  • How much time are spent on the page?
  • Carryout the split- testing headlines, leads, images and the location of the call to action.
  • What are the hits and what ratio they convert?
  • Where they go after they leave the landing page?

Conversion Rate:

  • Click on a “call-to-Action” Link.
  • Down loading a special report.
  • Using a “Contact” form.
  • Clicking on “Add to Cart” button.

Client should know:

  • Who clicked?
  • How they got to the page? (Keyword or referral)
  • Follow as, what they did after the click.
  • Email Open and click rates.
  • Find as what is open rate of Email?
  • What is the click through rate for any link in the Email?

To conclude; finally, you are able to ace the project with positive results and the client is happy. But you as professional copy writer don’t have to lower the guards. Think as the project has just started. Measure it regularly and incorporate the feedback into your content copy. Gentlemen, online content Marketing world is very competitive. It’s every day’s battle, with SEO, keywords, links, paid ads and many more.

Revealed: The Secrets our Clients Used to Earn $3 Billion
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