Intent Keywords-Rank Higher in SERP

CMOs: 3 Tips to Rank High and Stay Ahead in SERP

As CMO, you know that there are a lot of benefits of your website ranking on the page first in SERP, almost every CMO struggle for that. As a learner at Coursera (Northwestern University) MOOC “Engagement & Nurturing Marketing Strategies and my 5 years’ experience in the SEO field, I have found two articles highlighting the importance of user intent in content marketing today.

The first article “Intent-Based keyword Research: Let Google be your Guide” by Jacob Baadsgaard focuses on the importance and role of user intent in ranking high in SERP. His emphasis that good keyword research isn’t just about search volume, competition level or any of the other metrics you see in keyword research tools. Apparently, a keyword may seem fit but searches related to terms aren’t related to your business. Hence, you may get a lot of traffic but that is not the right traffic, as those clicks didn’t turn into a sale.

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The second article was written by Brian Dean “Search Intent” which echoes similar sentiments as that of the first article. Brian also believes that satisfying search intent is ultimately Google’s #1 goal. Intent could be informational, navigational, commercial or transactional but as CMO if you want to succeed and make your content marketing effective today, you can’t get away with search intent in your content. In simple, if your page doesn’t satisfy search intent, it’s not going to rank.

After having gone through these two articles and my experience as a student at Coursera (Northwestern University), I have developed a simple 3 action words for CMOs to keep in mind when choosing the keywords to make your content marketing effective.

  • Choose Intent Keywords – The keyword or phrase leading the right traffic, reaching to your content.
  • Relevant to business – The keyword should be explaining the business you do.
  • Avoid SEM Keywords – SEM keywords are expensive and hard to rank in organic search.

Starting today, you need to choose the right intent keyword, to make your content marketing efforts effective, by getting found by the right traffic.

My name is Muhammad Iqbal, and I’m pursuing my certification in Engagement & Nurturing Marketing Strategies from Coursera (Northwestern University). I’m a Freelance SEO. Feel free to reach out or contact with me @iqbalfateh