Content Writing – Online Business Website

How to Write Content for an online Business Website?

A website visitor has the tendency to scan the content instead of reading very deep. Here the reader will skim and hunt for only the most relevant information. Content writing for online Business Website is different than writing for a book. In a sense, it has to be enticing and engaging the visitor. So that he/she stays for a longer duration on your website.

Longer the stay of the reader on your online Business website = More are the chances of conversion


Useful Tips to write content for the Online Business website?

  • Worm up the reader with a good introduction. Put your most important information first in your content. Give your readers a reason to care from the first sentence.
  • Craft short paragraphs of your content. (At the most 5-6 sentences).
  • Keep the sentences short.
  • Simple and easy to understand English (Avoid the use of jargon), on your business website, is welcomed by your reader. Instead, use familiar words, self-explanatory words, and care words. Adopt the style for your audience, not for you. Ensure that your writing is simple to grasp and comprehend by an ordinary reader. Keep the reading level low.
  • Use active voice (“A post has been written by me” is passive and dull while “I’ve written a post” is active and engaging).
  • Present the “core Idea” in a summary form.
  • Avoid making the text wall. Reduce the black wall by adding white space in your content. Add images but relevant.
  • Make the website easy for readers to find you (Easy Navigation).
  • At the online Business, website help the potential customers for the information or product by;
  • Answering the questions potential customers are asking.
  • Discuss one key topic for each page.
  • Include links to relevant pages on your online business website or to other websites.
  • Use the phrases and words your potential customers are looking for.

The following helps to create great content for online business website

  • Read books and relevant publications. Summarize your reading and document your idea.
  • Brainstorm with others. Engage a team of trusted advisers.
  • Invest in self-development. Level up your skills with online content writing & SEO training.
  • Question basic assumptions.
  • Take a contrarian view.
  • Create a story.
  • Interview others.
  • Build Social networking.

Test your Website’s effectiveness and engaging Content

Your online business website is a delicate affair as you are spending every day for its upkeep. Ask these simple questions to yourself. And you will learn the effectiveness and engaging aspect of your website.

  • Is your headline communicates what your topic is about? (Title is the starting point. Focus on the idea related to the keyword. Use the keyword in your title. The whole blog or article will revolve around the keyword you are targeting.)
  • Does image caption in your content communicate a sales message?
  • Do your sub-headings summarize your key points?
  • Have you made optimum use of bullet points in your write-up?



Important Points – When Writing content for online Business website

  1. Keep the goal of your online business website in mind and write around it. Until unless the goal of your writing is not in the picture, you can’t converse with the audience.
  2. For purposes of SEO, always start with keyword research.
  3. The title is the starting point. Focus on the idea related to the keyword. Use the keyword in your title. But avoid keyword stuffing. It is never OK. The whole blog or article will revolve around the keyword you are targeting. NO OTHER WAY AROUND!
  4. Drive towards powerful call-to-action while making the reader feel something. Your first sentence should give a reason to the reader, read the next sentence and so on.
  5. Keep the action in your content for the online business website. Use active voice in sentence structure. Make choice and style of words in a way, to have powerful, direct and punchy writing. Create a story by painting a picture. Have an emotional impact in your writing. Check spelling and use of grammar.

General Considerations

  1. Use the right variations throughout the post, as for “website” it is “Website”. Email Email, Internet vs. internet, Do’s and Don’ts’s v/s Do’s and Don’ts and other.
  2. Your reader should take you as an industry expert while writing on your online business website should be pursuing, not pushing them. Nobody likes that.
  3. Use facts and figures. And backup you’re writing with statistics in a measurable way. So that whatever you are saying, will carry weight. If you are not sure, look it up. The best writing is always clear and concise.
  4. Use the appropriate word. Don’t use irrelevant words. Don’t call a banana an elongated yellow fruit. Use the right terminologies for the industries you are writing. is your friend- so visit that site often.
  5. When writing for the web, Edit the content as many times as you can, chop it up. Keep revamping the post for better value to your reader. Ask somebody to edit your work, not you. Never self-edit your work. (At least not right away).
  6. Always hyperlink to your sources. Create internal links in new content and update links in the old one. It will not give an excuse to the reader to abandon your website.
  7. Don’t forget SEO best practices. Follow the Google webmaster guidelines and SEO best practices. (SEO is the best way to increase ROI in an organic way. It increases website traffic, generates leads, GET more conversions and sales).
  8. Invest in a good SEO suite. Level up your skills with online content writing & SEO training.



To conclude;

  1. Your content for an online business website should give value to the reader. It may be in the form of tips, insights, fresh ideas or offering free content but engaging. The best form of engaging content is like video content, template, or eBook.
  2. Follow the internet etiquette i.e. if you are mentioning some content from some other source, ensure to have a link to that source.

Note: This might be the source of earning backlink if they reciprocate by saying thanks.

  1. Take care of copyright infringement.