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Converting Content into Dollars

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Starting a Content Writing Business

Content writing business is most suitable for all , who are hard pressed to earn money from other means. Today, Industries are halting, businesses are being closed or shifting to online. E-commerce is getting popularity day by day, as a result, folks are being laid off, rendering hundreds of thousands of people jobless while governments are unable to provide livelihood.  To have good living for you andcropped-logo  your family, content writing as a business is the best option.

The best way to save you from this like situation is, to have multiple streams of income. These could be active earning streams or passive. Anyway here I will guide you free of cost, step by step about passive income stream by Starting content writing Business” and creating your own passive income stream while sitting at your home.  YES,

“Without boss, without hard work and without going to office from 9-5.”

There you are on the exciting road to “Content Writing”.

By the time you are finish with this step by step free of cost learning guide, you will be efficient enough to start your own “content writing business”. -Wow…

I just need your attention and focus on the lessons, to fulfill your dream and desire. Let me tell you one thing more about content writing that you can do it if you can read and write.

No big deal. No certification required….. And you can do it even away from desk, on your sweet holidays, being boss of your own. Just polish your English a little and correct your grammar and spellings. If you can write a short story or email or a letter to your friend, then you are a fit candidate for “Starting a content writing Business”.

So let’s get going………………. Go through some of these articles.

  • What is Content Writer or who is Content writer?pic-Blog-1
  • What is a Content Writing?
  • Content writing strategy.
  • Content Format
  • Writing Web Content
  • SEO Content writing. 

Before starting the lessons, first of all let me explain you

How the money comes from content writing”


How come content writing is a Business”

Every individual has some writing skills and he is good at it. You have to point out the passion in you that you enjoy writing about. After learning the techniques of content writing you just start writing articles about your topic but before that you consider building a web site so that you start feeding the content to your website. Initially you may not be earning very handsome amount but soon you will.

Let me tell you that there is always a work waiting for content writers, although the competition is tough for good writings. There are millions of work and websites; need content , Copy writing, Sales letter, Blog writing, social media, E-books, white papers, Newsletters, email campaigns, Articles, Multimedia content, catalogs, product description, and so on, the list is big. Advertisers and publishers are hungry for the quality content. The demand is increasing day by day for good content writers. So the content writers are always in high demand and they have both options, active or passive money earning stream. In both forms you can make money by writing a useful and valuable content.

 Now let’s see what an active income and what is a passive income stream is?

Active income is the one, for which you have to work yourself and work hard, may be from 9-5………. work from the desk……..or deal with the customers and many more activities.

Whereas Passive Income stream which I am going to guide you; free of cost here, is that you have to be free of hassles and your website is generating income for you. How is it……… It is simple and easy. 

No Boss—–No Desk—–No hassle—and still dollars coming in. How amazing and wonderful is it. YES>>> Just build your own money making website (Not that you build a dollar printing machine), It is going to produce dollars but once you feed it with valuable content to benefit users. No problem, I will guide you;

“How to make money making website and write good content in this blog for free”

 If you build your website; as I, upload the useful content and attract traffic, and that’s it.

At the moment there are three easy ways to convert your website into money making website:-

  • First, Use Google AdSense to get Ads on your website,
  • Second, Be Affiliate and Earn money,
  • Third, Selling e-Books of your own.

These magical sources of income will go along months after months and years after years through your website and I will tell you “How to write your money making website” as well in the blogs to follow.

Must be thinking How………?        Stick with me to these; series of, easy to understand lessons. I will explain you all and every nitty-gritty in these very easy to follow free of cost lessons on this blog website.  In the meantime fantasize yourself about how it would be to make enough money while not being under any boss and without hassle. Online money earning skill

Revealed: The Secrets our Clients Used to Earn $3 Billion
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