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Content Writing – Online Business Website

How to Write Content for an online Business Website? A website visitor has the tendency to scan the content instead of reading very deep. Here the reader will skim and hunt for only the most relevant information. Content writing for online Business Website is different than writing for a book. In a sense, it has to be enticing and engaging

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Power words in business content

Power words in business content Influences the Customers Power words in business content, grab the attention of your audience hence, more conversions and more clients. These words make the content influential where people will act on your advice. As a result, nudge the people to take action to convert.  Marketers take full advantage of Power words and shape the voice

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Motivators in Direct Marketing Copy |Content writing-Blog

Powerful Motivators in Direct Marketing Copy Marketer has to market the products and services by using various methods and techniques. But he has to keep in mind that no sales copy will sell without, the powerful motivators in direct marketing copy. What ever the method or technique he uses, he has to follow these three fundamental Laws of Mark Morgan

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