Building a Membership Website is Easy and Beneficial

Building a membership website is easy and there are many benefits associated with it. It’s one of the easy ways of making money online. Let me tell you that real money in Internet Marketing comes from Membership Sites. A membership site is a “Powerful and Easy Way of Generating Income” while sitting at home. Once you have built one, market it on the market places like share a sale. Find a sponsor for your web site. Get paid for your great content.  The good thing is that the payment processors like 2checkout, PayPal, Payoneer and more have made your payment receipts seamless.

These are GOLD mines!

Here are just a few benefits:-

Financial Benefit:

It’s also a product but with a membership website, you build a relationship with your customer and they pay you again and again, every month.

No Physical Product Needed:

You just need to provide content/ information services which are free to provide. Hence;

No Stock Worries———No Shipping Hassel

Build Relationship and Enjoy Loyalty:

Once you’re providing a piece of useful information to the members which in return yield benefits to them. As a result, it builds a bond of trust with your members. It also opens a new window to promote new services and new products in the future.

Free Traffic:

Because of the useful information, your customers keep on visiting the website time and again. Even recommend to family and friends at no cost to you. Hence, an increase in traffic.

Disclaimer: For some of the reviews and links, receives compensation from the companies whose product we review or link. We test each product thoroughly and grade high only the best. We are independently owned and the opinion expressed here are our own. However, there is no extra cost to you, any money paid out comes from the vendor.

7 Must Features-When Choosing a Membership Website Software

It’s important to realize that there are a number of (membership site building) software in the market, in different shapes and sizes. Some require tons of technical knowledge while some are with tons of great features, and require minimal technical know-how. To choose the right membership site-building software, MUST consider these 7 features:-

1. Scalability:

When picking the membership site software, be sure that it should not just fulfill the requirements of today but it should support once your site has grown. It must not restrict the number of members. It should allow you to have any number of subscriptions.

2. Membership Levels:

This means that it should allow different levels of members to have access when they meet certain criteria or reach the objective in that specific category.  Access to data and other facilities should be restricted to a level, these are meant for. As the levels could be Regular, Premium, Business, silver, gold or platinum. It should provide the option to upgrade membership if at any time some member desires so. i.e. regular to premium and so on.

3. Content Delivery and Management:

Content is king. It’s true for the membership site as well. The subscriber wants seamless access to the content. And the content should be delivered with a timed program. There are membership sites that allow only scheduled content, rather than to allow “timed content” as well.

4. Drip feeding of content:

The software should have the ability to drip feed content to your members effectively, on achieving a certain level or objective. That means you need to produce and set up your content schedule once. And subscriber gets the content as soon as he meets a requisite level.

5. Auto Responder Integration:

To reach out to your customers in an effective manner, the membership site software should give you the facility to create the number of emails and deliver these in sequence in a timed program. For that, it should facilitate you to integrate with the email service provides i.e. Get Response, Aweber, content contact, MailChimp or any other.

6. Affiliate Program Management:

To boost subscription for your membership site, you might need marketing. Affiliate marketing is the best tool, to reach a vast number of customers. It gives you a lot more spread than any other method. The membership site software should be able to create and manage affiliate programs.

7. Non-Technical:

Membership software should be such that every Tom, Dick, and Harry should be able to launch a membership site. Nowadays, setting up a membership site is a breeze because of the availability of various types of software and platforms.

So, here are some handy software/plugins in the market to use and build your membership website. There are many more plugins/Softwares.


MemeberPress is a complete WordPress membership site-building solution. It’s easy to use, powerful and with tons of features, I’ve reviewed it in detail in the upcoming paragraphs. Its price tag for the basic version is $149/year,  and then version Plus is for $249. Although their pro version is very powerful, with a good amount of features and with the provision to have unlimited members. But, then it cost $349.


MemberSonic is another powerful WordPress plugin, easy to operate and manage the membership site. It starts from the FREE version, then Pro version for $97/year and commercial for $197/year. Their commercial version is quite comprehensive and covers every aspect needed, to build a membership site. Even the  FREE version is fine. I think it’s the cheapest plugin.


paid versions starting from $197/year (the basic version), $179/year (single Install)  and $297/year (with Complete features and unlimited members)


They offer a free version with only 50 contacts and their paid version is up to $290/month (For networks).


They offer a one-time payment of $4995 version only and give you the site license outright.


Its pricing starts from $47/month (for 100 members only and up to 2 GB content space), while a premium version with $147/month, having unlimited members and unlimited storage.


It costs $ 149.36 with all its features.


Starts with a free version and goes up to $100/month.

Members gear:

It is the cheapest, with membership software for as little as $39.95, and with unlimited use. You own it with a license, to use it for any number of websites. No doubt it’s cheap but has limited features. Moreover, I have not tested it, so I can’t take the risk of recommending software that I have not tested. For membership site, you can’t take the risk of creating your membership on restricted feature software, and on the way need to change it. Disasterous!

Choosing the right membership site software/plugin is crucial for your business because a better software/plugin means more opportunities for business growth.

Memberpress is a complete membership software that is easy to install, powerful and works best for WordPress membership sites. It offers a complete solution for building a hassle-free membership website. Although, it offers only paid versions starting from a basic version for $149/year,  and then Plus for $249. Their pro version costs $349/year. But, let me tell you that it’s very powerful, with a good amount of features and with the provision to have unlimited members.  You will be at peace, it will pay its price, once your site is up and running.

Another plugin for the WordPress membership website, I recommend is, MemberSonic. It also has the same features but much less in price tag. even their free version works well.

Facts About Building a Membership site

Nowadays, the biggest problem the people face when starting a membership website is the difficulty of setting up a script. Either they feel confused or have the inability to install the script.

The Memberpress has solved both of those problems!

As soon as you bought the software, they have the manual explaining step-by-step everything, and video tutorials on every subject which makes everything a breeze.  The articles in the manual are simple and easy to understand.  At first glance, it may be a little bit intimidating but with this step-by-step manual, you don’t need a Ph.D. degree. Even without any technical knowledge, you will be an expert.

Content Management System

The content management system and membership interfaces of MemberPress are very powerful. For you as an owner of the membership site, it makes your every task automatic and delivers you peace of mind. Even your customers and affiliates will feel at ease when using your membership website.

Let me assure you that, when you start using MemberPress to build your membership site, you will feel that you made the right decision.

MemberPress offers all the 7 benefits (We discussed earlier)

Affiliate Management System of “MemberPress” is the best thing that I liked the most. In the present day marketing race, affiliates are the best tool to enhances your marketing spread beyond geographical boundaries, With the easy to join an affiliate management system. You can perform many actions related to affiliates, some can be;

  • An affiliate gets an automatic affiliate link on signup and can start promoting your business.
  • The option of setting the commission, you can make it globally or give customize percentages.
  • You can see the outstanding commission, you owed to affiliates, right on your website.
  • Send mass emails to your affiliates.
  • Send automatic emails to affiliates when the sale is matured.
  • Easy to embed affiliate links and upload promos.
  • Affiliate can view there paid/unpaid commissions.
  • You can disable the affiliate system if need so arise.

Member Management:

This is another core area, let me tell you that “Member Press” has made it a breeze. Some of the highlights are;

  • Upon successful payment, the member account is created and login sent to members automatically.
  • As a new member joins, automatic confirmation email generated to admin.
  • In the case of “Forgot Password”, it gives the facility to the member to retrieve a password.
  • Automatically membership close option when a member unsubscribes.
  • Mass email to members for any special promotion or for that matter any news.
  • You can schedule email blasts.
  • You can add new members manually if needed.


Payment to affiliates can be linked-to Multiple payment processors. Some of the payment processors are, PayPal, Stripe, and

Autoresponder emails:

This is another amazing feature, you can easily integrate with many email systems as ConvertkitGet Response, Aweber, Mailrelay, Active campaign, constant contact, MailChimp, and many more.

Some Other Features

  • A wide array of integrations takes you on the top of everything.
  • their unwavering support is unmatchable.
  • Your members can create, update, upgrade or even cancel their subscription, from the front end.
  • You can entice your customers with coupon facility by offering discounts. It will increase your bottom line.
  • You can create various payment options, by integrating with multiple payment processors.
  • Multiple membership levels and give access as per the level of membership.
  • Offer recurring payments
  • Set recurring payments to end after X of weeks/months/years.

What for You’re Waiting!

Sign in with WordPress just now, Make your website with WordPress for FREE.  If you have any problem when making a website just read my step-by-step guide to create your own website with WordPress.

With all this, when you install “MemberPress” membership site software and build your site, you will feel that all worries associated with building a membership website are gone with the wind.

With the presence of such a powerful membership site software, you have no excuse to not start a membership site anymore!

Don’t look back, start thinking about building a membership website of your own and start reaping the benefits. To have further detail and step-by-step guidance, please visit the MemberPress” website. And see the features yourself.

The interesting part is that it integrates many of the features of the higher-end, whereas, price is towards lower-end.

You’ll be up and running your membership site in no time

MemberPress has no hosting issues with any of the hosts, it works with all the big hosting companies i.e. Hostwinds, Blue Host and Site ground. You can choose any as per your requirements. But if you are building the site with WordPress then they will take care of hosting.

I always recommend Hostwinds, as it is powerful and has a lot of features and good customer support. Anyway, you can see all the features at Hostwinds website.

Once, you build your membership website on MemberPress, it’s so easy to operate and manage right from your WordPress website.


To conclude; membership website is very common nowadays but people feel frustrated due to incomplete solutions. The right tool like MemberPress is the solution, to build a membership website. Your many worries related to building a membership site will go away. These are a good source of income with very less investment. If you are able to win the trust of your audience, by giving them valuable and quality information, it will prove a good source of income stream.