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Adorable Digital Advertising leading to Digital Marketing

The long sale message has 157 years of history but today the game is changed in the field of advertisement. With the advent of Internet of things and introduction to new digital technologies marketing industry has seen a paradigm shift to advertise the product and services. Availability of advanced digital tools and proliferation of social media channels coupled with the trend of customers to remain connected, has posed lot of challenges and offered enormous amount of opportunities as well. Some of these figures are eye opener for the traditional marketers, ado, policy makers should also consider these facts in their future adventures.

  • 25% of the world economy will be digital by year 2020.

(Digital Economic value Index)

  • 5 Million Net loss of jobs by 2020 due to emerging technologies.

(World Economic Forum)

In digital marketing, market reach is very important, irrespective how you reach but you have to reach the customer where he is and reach him at the time when he is available. For all this you have to adapt these simple but important elements of digital marketing;

  • You have to reach the customer where he is.
  • Maximize commercial outcomes of your digital marketing campaign.
  • In a multimedia world, add value to all media adequately,
  • Inspire the reader with testimonials, comments and case studies.
  • Innovate products and propositions rendering additional value to the customer.

Choosing The Right Digital Products:

Using Digital products depends on your type of marketing, engaging strategy, Access strategy, behavior of customers, and type of content. Anyway whatever is the type of content you intent to advertise, you may like to consider any of the following digital products:-

  • Online Marketing,
  • SEO Services,
  • SMO,
  • SEM,
  • Account Based Marketing,
  • Internet marketing,
  • Website marketing,
  • E-commerce,
  • Blogging,
  • Social media Marketing,
  • Digital marketing

To use any of these products, you have to create the engaging strategy and frame work, by creating digital advertising Mix, using all the key channels available while  adhering to the principles of effective digital marketing i.e. Targeting, Personalization and Optimization;

  • Email Marketing,
  • Search Engine Advertising,
  • Digital Advertising overviews,
  • Display advertising,
  • Video advertising.

Your Digital Ad Team Plays a big Role

Before you move on to advertising work, establish your Ad team to cover as much ground as possible with a small team but without stretching your team too much. Who should constitute your Ad team:-

Online Campaign Management:

This is required component with following skills;

  • Online campaign management inside and outside.
  • Knows about paid search and other forms of digital advertising.
  • Knows how to create sparkling ad copy.

Creative Services:

  • Person for creative service must have the skill set of:-
  • Able to design banners,
  • Writing landing pages,
  • Understand the important campaign elements to include;

–  what to do with tracking pixel,

–  what to do with code snippet

  •  In nutshell this person should be blend of developer and artist.

How to Advertise Now:         

  Your team is all set and now we are moving towards advertising. For advertising you need to integrate your marketing plan on multi-channels. For that you have to pass through the process of:-

Acquiring of Customers, when and how:

To sell the thing you need customers and you acquire them by advertising on Facebook, Emails, tweets, LinkedIn and many more channels. Customer is acquired when he;

  • Subscribes to Email Newsletter,
  • Download the App,
  • Downloads the eBook,
  • Clicks on targeted Ads,
  • Visits your website,

How the Acquired Customer, Engages: By

  • Reading personalized Emails,
  • Looking the products on your website,
  • Reads the reviews on your website,
  • Carries the comparison shopping,

And There He Converts, by taking action;

  • Writes a review,
  • Shares with a friend,
  • Social sharing,
  • Takes part in your reward program,
  • Purchases the product,
  • Registers for Webinar.

Great He is advocating you!

  • On Facebook,
  • On tweeter,
  • On Instagram,
  • On Pinterest,

Your job as advertiser is not over, you have to measure the impact of your advertising to satisfy the client, their money spent is worth and gives them the value. Remember that all Marketing efforts are directed to value for money. For measuring you may use many advance marketing tools available in the market.

What instrument acquires the customer, engages him, and converts?

The Mighty Ad!

Tips for Crafting Ad:

Your Ad must be with adhesive characteristics, meaning by;

You have to choose the right keywords to be used in your Ad, based on;

  • It’s relevancy to the business goals,
  • How much traffic it is converting,
  • And how much big competition it has.

What to consider to choose the right keywords?

Ask these simple questions to yourself;

  • Is this keyword relevant to my product, service or website?
  • Is my offering are useful and delivers value to some one?
  • Do we have content for this keyword or we have to create on?
  • How much traffic this key word is attracting?

Important:   Before the Keyword are finally chosen for the Ad, brainstorm with your team, key executives, and stakeholders and then finalize the keyword.

Ad Copy!

Let’s look at crafting Ad copy for your PPC:

Ad copy should be of;

  • Complete Ad copy should be of 70 characters and 25 characters for headline,
  • Headline for you Ad copy should be engaging,
  • PPC Ad should be compelling,
  • Should be relevant,
  • Resonates with and addresses the needs of your audience,
  • Directly addresses the customer pain point and solve the problem,
  • The value you offer is directly visible to your audience,
  • It should not sell rather let the customer dream.

Ad headline must be sparkling and has to popup by;

  • Strong language
  • Creating a sense of urgency
  • Convey authority

Admittedly PPC Ads Writing Rules must to follow;

  • Language must be clear and easy to understand,
  • Language must be vivid and emotional,
  • Keywords so selected must have relevant intent,
  • Offer must be compelling with clear Call-To-Action (CTA).

The important point to note is to review other ads showing up for your keywords, and make use of negative keywords facility so that your Ad is not triggered for those keywords. In PPC every click counts.

How the Google looks at it?

Google accord the quality score to all Ads for (PPC) searches. Quality score is a big deal as it affects your ad position, your Cost-per-click (CPC) and eligibility for ad extension. There may be many more points but some are as under:-

  • Your keyword’s past performance matters and your CTR,
  • Your account history basing on your overall CTR performance,
  • Relevancy of keywords in the ad and landing page,
  • Relevancy of keyword with the phrase customer is using,
  • Targeted region, your past performance in that region,
  • Ad performance on various browsers,
  • Ads performance on mobile and tablets,
  • Ease of navigation to the landing page.

With the marketing automation now things are easy to handle and make knowledgeable decisions to craft compelling and engaging ads in time and without wasting your valuable budget unnecessarily. Now the marketing platforms can track the number of leads, sales qualified leads, marketing qualified leads and the pipeline customers.

With the availability of this much of useful data, take the advantage to create a better PPC Ad campaigns and workout the exact ROI as well.

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