Money Making Website-Online Passive Income


Money Making Website – A Way of Earning Online 

You must have heard of businesses, selling products, and providing services to the clients. But what if you make more money without clients, sitting in the comfort of your home, without going into the hassle of 9 – 5 jobs. Yes, it is possible! I am talking about building your own Money Making Website and earning from Adsense or any other advertising agency.

Money Making Website best source of online passive Income

In this process of building your own website, you will learn, copywriting and SEO skills as well. Not only these skills needed for your own website but there are plenty of people searching for skilled copywriters. And let me tell you it is not a difficult or complicated process. You just have to weave well the relevant research keywords and phrases into your posts while writings.

After reading this article, You will have insight into the advantages and gains, of owning your own Money Making Website. And how online ads work on your website once it’s up and running?  Let me tell you from the very outset that you make money by allowing ads to appear on your site.


Google Ad-sense and other companies place the ads on your website, related to the content, your site has. Each time visitor visits your site and clicks on the ad; you get paid money in commission, so simple is it. Google Ad-sense is not paying this money from its pocket, rather they get paid from the companies whose ads were displayed on your site.

This is how your passive money generating stream starts, without any client. You are utilizing your spare time to the best, writing on the topic of your interest and your audience is benefited by getting the useful content and your continuous profitable revenue stream has started flowing with money, months over months, weeks over weeks. All Win-Win!

You just have to keep it fresh with the relevant content crafted in your spare time.

Advantages and gains of Money Making Website

Simple to Start:

You just need a basic desktop computer or laptop with the basic skills of computer. You need not be a computer Guru. To make your own website WordPress the best to start with. Make your website and do some marketing on social media like Facebook for free.

Perfect for Writers:

You just need basic writing skills with some extra time, to start it from anywhere in the world with flexible work hours. Do make use of the Motivators and powerful words to make it juicy.

Easy to Publish:

You have your own website, just write and publish it, no approval needed. Just the content should be useful and relevant to your audience. Add some images, especially at the header.

Flexible Working Hours:

It’s all your own choice how much you want to work and when to work. You don’t have to ask someone else for permission. Anyway, make the editorial calendar to post regularly and consistently.

Easy to Learn and Easy to Replicate:

With the advent of advanced technologies, it’s no more a complicated and high tech job. Money – Making – Website are all about information with simple designs and it works. Be confident. Go through the glossary of terms.

Just Write as Hobby and Passion:

Work on the topic of your own choice and enjoy writing because you don’t feel a hobby or passion as work. Have some basic knowledge of SEO to ensure that your website is crawled and indexed. You may like to create an online course website for your hobby or passion that works best. As you are imparting knowledge and skills to the community and earning as well.


No Spending on Inventory and shipping:

Whether you are selling the products, selling your EBooks, or providing useful information, you need not invest in buying any inventory and resultantly no shipping hassle. The only overhead cost is, for Domain name and Web hosting. You can have the basic knowledge about writing content for a business website to remain on the track. As in the case of, the online course website all is digital. NO HASSLE!

Continuous Passive Income:

Creating a Passive income stream with writing is the one that money is coming to your bank account without committing you to full-time work. Only you have to set your system once, and it keeps working even when you are sleeping, playing, or traveling.

Big benefits of Money – Making – Website

Like any other business Money- Making-Website has its own features and benefits:-

  • You can launch your own new website and blog post any time you want.
  • You are not a slave to anybody or a corporation for decisions.
  • No hassle of managing physical inventories.
  • With minimal time commitment to your website, you can easily give time to near and dears and community or reach anywhere in the world at your own choosing.
  • Your site will earn a commission for you 24/7 a day.

How to Do it?

Keep in mind, all this can’t happen instantly. You have to work for it initially a bit.

  • Get involved in brainstorming and make some content writing strategy, not difficult at all
  • Carry out the research on the topic of your choosing.
  • Get some advice from the peers if so desire.
  • Start writing and put about 10 pages on your website online.
  • Keep adding some useful information once a week to your website for around 3 months.
  • Reap the fruit and enjoy it.

And sleep and enjoy, give 1 – 3 hours per week to your website that too in your spare time, and there you go.

Useful Tips

  • Select and identify the right domain in line with the SEO requirement.
  • Focus on the niche and perfect topic for your website.
  • Choose between the website and blog, (depending on the goals).
  • Use proven Marketing Principles and strategies.
  • Write confidently keeping in view the current trends.
  • Make appropriate checklists and worksheets.
  • Choose a profitable topic you are passionate about.
  • Research well for the topic idea.
  • Convert your experiences, hobbies, and interest in writing and be an authority on your chosen topic.
  • Find the suitable tools and soft wares to attract visitors and let the search engines rank your site high.
  • Your content should be original and reader-friendly with your distinct tone and voice.
  • The best and easiest way to build a quality website is by using the advanced technology of WordPress. It is simple to use and manage your website by yourself.
  • Follow white hat SEO techniques to force the search engines to find your content and rank high.
  • Monetize your website by asking Google AdSense, be an affiliate marketer, or sell your own E-Books or online courses.

Your Take-Away:

  • Write simple, better it is.
  • Write like storytelling.
  • Just pretend you’re writing to your dear friend.


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