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 Joining Affiliate Marketing Program

It’s mostly thought that any reference to earning money online is a scam. Let me assure you that this is not the case. The biggest problem is that in the hope of making big money, most of the time we just jump on the bandwagon without any research work to explore the pros and cons or who is genuine and who is fake.

Before we dive deep into the affiliate marketing tips, let’s see what are various methods and techniques of earning money online. Some could be:

  • Affiliate Marketing,
  • Google AdSense,
  • Direct Ad sales,
  • Freelance Writing,
  • SEO Consultancy,
  • Website Flipping,
  • Product Reviews,
  • Online Courses or subscription sites,
  • Ghost Writing,
  • Online Book Publishing,
  • Podcasting,
  • Drop shipping,
  • Facebook Ads,
  • Virtual Assistant.

As our topic is related to Affiliate Marketing, so we will restrict our self to the topic.

Anyone interested to make money online as an affiliate, he will find these tips very useful. In these tips I have highlighted few of the pitfalls, you may take care off. These tips will save you from the risk of that you might not get paid for the efforts you have put in to promote a particular product. Now a days it’s not a must to have website or blog to work as an affiliate, although it gives an added advantage. Take care of the following 5 points:

  • Reputation of the Affiliate Network or an Affiliate Program,
  • Payout Methods,
  • Minimum Payments,
  • Cookie Length,
  • Tracking URL.

1.  Reputation of Affiliate Network/Program

There are hundreds of thousands of people working as an affiliate in the market and they keep on sharing their experiences with different affiliates. Prior to opening an account, carryout extensive research and find out their view. Get some basic insight, like in case of ClickBank the ClickBank University guides you from A-Z. This knowledge is equally useful for working with other affiliates as well. Similarly other networks also provide the extensive knowledge about their systems.

Accounts opening with most of the affiliate networks is free, so anybody asking for upfront some fee or subscription may alarm you from the outset. The best is reject it out rightly. When carrying out research be analytical as some people make millions while others don’t earn anything. So the reaction of these both will be different.

You will find many affiliate programs offering big commissions, even recurring commissions but end of the day they will disappoint you by not paying your hard earned commissioned. You might have worked hard and spent a money even on marketing. So the On-time Payments, is very important.

My Advice is that start the affiliate work from some reputed networks and reputed marketplaces. Some of the reputed networks are:

  • ClickBank
  • Amazon affiliate program
  • Share a sale
  • Avangate
  • Rakuten
  • Commission Junction
  • Impact Radius
  • Refersion Marketplace
  • Partner stack
  • JVzoo
  • Grow sumo
  • Tradedoubler
  • Affiliate window
  • Alibaba Affiliates
  • Ali express Affiliates
  • Ebay partner Network

There may be many more you can find out and do let me know as well.

2.  Payout Method:

There are plenty of digital payment methods working with different affiliate networks while all the countries do not have the integration with all the digital payment methods. For example you promoted the product and earned some commission and now wanted to transfer it to your country. But unfortunately found that payment method stated by the network does not operate in your country. First find out the payout methods and then join the affiliate network. There are over 50 payment gateways, some of the payout methods are:-

  • Paypal
  • Payoneer
  • 2checkout
  • Gocoin
  • Bitpay
  • Coinbase commerce
  • Stripe
  • Payeezy
  • Adyen
  • Alipay Globle
  • Divido
  • eway Rapid 3.1
  • LayBuy
  • Payment express
  • Pin payments

It’s a long list and available on the internet.

3.  Minimum Payouts:

            Another sour point, different networks have different threshold for minimum payout. So when selecting the affiliate network be mindful of checking this aspect and in the setting make it accordingly. For example if the clickbank has the minimum threshold of $100, so you can’t take out the money, unless it reaches the minimum threshold. So if you leave early your earning is gone.

4.  Cookie Length:

            Cookie length is the length of time accorded to you for purchaser to make a purchase within that specified time. It is normally between 30 to 90 days.

More the Cookie length the better it is. For example you registered for an affiliate programe which allows 60 days cookie length. So once the purchaser was referred from your website to the landing page of Merchant and he didn’t make the purchase but later comes back within 60 days, you get the commission for that purchase although the purchaser was referred from your link 60 days back. This is what the cookie length is.

5.  Tracking URL:

            The old fashioned affiliate programs are no more valid that you allow a buyer to add the email or referral detail, although some companies are still there. Don’t work with them, you will have issues at later stage. Now your affiliate Network or affiliate company must provide a unique link so that every sale you refer is accounted for. This unique URL (Link) keeps track of all the traffic and conversions or sales. You just have to put this URL link on your website or on any other promotional technique you are using or you can place this tracking URL in your write up or in the Button.

Once the online shopper clicks this link on your website or any other promotional method, he lands on merchant’s website and makes the purchase. Here because of the tracking URL, your affiliate network knows and your merchant knows as well, who has referred this buyer. Due to this your relevant commission is credited to your affiliate account automatically and later transferred to your account when it touches the minimum payout threshold.

These 5 points are very important when considering or while dealing with affiliate networks or affiliate programs. It is worth learning from Clickbank University to succeed in affiliate marketing. Affiliate Marketing is the most easy and simple method of earning money online.

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