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Content Strategy Plus Online Marketing

Content strategy is setting the right path for your online content marketing campaign. Content strategy sets the brand path, what direction the brand wants

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KPIs for content Marketing campaign |Content Writing.Blog

How to Set KPIs for Content Marketing Campaign? Set the KPIs for your Content Marketing Campaign, while keeping in mind, your marketing objectives and goals. At the same time, essentials and components of content marketing strategy are also very important. Any Successful Content digital Marketing Campaign is the wholesome of objectives, goals, essentials, and components. But without setting the KPIs,

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Motivators in Direct Marketing Copy |Content writing-Blog

Powerful Motivators in Direct Marketing Copy Marketer has to market the products and services by using various methods and techniques. But he has to keep in mind that no sales copy will sell without, the powerful motivators in direct marketing copy. What ever the method or technique he uses, he has to follow these three fundamental Laws of Mark Morgan

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How SEO Use Google Search Operator |Content Writing-Blog

Google Advanced Search operators are the commands to facilitate the user to narrow down searches and get more specific results. Google search commands and operators will help you in your SEO, keyword search, Analytics, spy competitors or create content marketing campaign, search operator will help to speed up the progress.

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