14-Powerful words Ace Copy writing

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14 Powerful words Will Ace Copy writing

For any type of writing you need to use the powerful words in a strategic manner. So as, your copy look fresh and accurate.  Presents the brand Intent in a well written,Learn One Powerful Word Daily to Ace copy writing creative and strategic manner, as a result, your client will love the content.

For copy writing, only writing skills are not enough, you have to weave the words in a manner that leads the customer to take action as desired by you.

In the world of copy writing, you have to motivate the prospect with the words, to perform an act, leading to your success. Irrespective, whether its sale or lead generation. For that selecting the right words and then using them at the right place is even more important, that what the job of copy writer is. Over a period of time following words have proven to be very powerful and motivating, to take the prospect smoothly in the buying journey, to perform the action you desire.

Anyway, some of these words have been categorized in easy to understand in the following chart:-

Personal Touch Something of Value Uniqueness Urgency Prideness
Name, You, Free, Plus, Guarantee, Discover, proven, Easy, Secret, Boost, Solution, Instantly, Best, Eliminate,


Once you call somebody with the name, it’s the sweetest sounding word, everybody likes to be called. Do use it in your promotions to give personal touch to your communication message in the content copy.

2.  You:

Once you address directly in your copy, this will give a special feel and the prospect will feel as you are communicating with him or her only. Prospect feels as you want to help him or her genuinely.

3.  Free:

Using “Free” in your copy to offer some thing free, is like you are gifting something and if you add “Save” or “Download” it will certainly multiply the motivational factor. But be sure that you are delivering some thing of value.

4.  Plus:

It is a transitional word, used in copy when you have already given something of value to the prospect and you want to add something more, then mention “Plus”. You can use other words like “Bonus”, “But that’s not all”, “Extra gift for you” as well to get the same effect.

5.  Guarantee:

Remove the fear of your prospect out rightly by giving him “GUARANTEE”. Word “guarantee” is often used in the copy, to remove many objections of the client out rightly. In your sales message, use it where you are introducing your product or service. With this, always add the phrases like “Money Back”, “No questions asked”, “No risk”, “100% satisfaction”, “and Full Refund”,  “Limited time”. It will overcome the fear of prospect to take action.

6.  Discover:

Humans are curious in nature, hence, they tend to discover something new and profound. In your copy, emphasize on it, in a powerful way, as you are going to reveal a technique which no one else has. While revealing this work use words like “remarkable”, “Latest”, “Amazing”, “Incredible”, “Surprising”, “Shocking”, or use “How” “XX ways”, , “Know”.

7.  Proven:

When restating your claim in a sales message, Use the word “PROVEN”. Since, you already have enough testimonials and proofs to authenticate your words. But use it in your copy at the appropriate place.

8.  Easy:

Simple and easy solution is everybody’s desire. As “EASY” will immediately attract the prospect but be sure to prove it as you say. Prospects are already confused, burnt out and overwhelmed, don’t hurt their feeling. Your copy should not cheat them, develop the feeling of trust.

9.  Secret:

Do mention “Secret” in your copy when prospect is about to hear it first time and you are breaking the rules by sharing it with him. Use other words with it, like “Breakthrough”, “Revelation”, or “Miracles”.   But has to be truth.

10.  Boost:

This word is used when you want to add benefit to your product or service. Other words like promote, increase, improve, enhance, help, build, and protect are also used in the similar sense. You must have seen the use of boost like,” boost your energy”, “Boost self-esteem”, “Boost income”, “Boost profits”, and add it in your copy when you feel  that your  product or service y can add extraordinary value.

11.  Solution: 

Your product or service should be a real and permanent fix to the souring concern of your client. It should not be an attempt to provide relief as everyone else is providing. This word gives an impression as your product is going to resolve the problem or issue or pain once for all. By using it in your copy or sales letter you are accordingly building the trust in your client. It has inbuilt trust factor in it. Use it accordingly.

12.  Instantly:

To communicate urgency, you can use many other words like urgently, immediately, Right now, Today, Before XX time. But the word “Instantly” works better. As your prospect want the solution instantly. He is suffering from pain. He wants instant relief.

13.  Best:

Use “Best” and create feeling of pride in the mind of your prospect. As, this small but power full word in your copy or sales letter, creates something of pride in the mind of your prospect So, be sure about the quality. As, your prospect thinks, he is getting the best of the best. Use it only when your product or service has proven results. You may use “Top”, “Powerful”, “Hot” as well.

14.  Eliminate:

Use this word in your copy or sales letter, if you think your product can eliminate the concerns of your prospect permanently. This word has the factor of permanency to convert “failure into success”, “despair into joyfulness, youthfulness and healthfulness”. But again it can built or break the trust of your prospect. So, use it very carefully. You can also use these word like, evaporate, sooth, melt away, wipe out, blast away, rid, fight, Remove.

To summarize, the importance of powerful words in copy writing can not be ignored. To add further, let me narrate the old teaching axiom:

  • Tell me and I’ll forget…..
  • Show me and I’ll remember…..
  • Involve me and I’ll understand…..

Practice these powerful words in your copy writings and see the result yourself.

Revealed: The Secrets our Clients Used to Earn $3 Billion
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